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These three theories may have been written by two different people, however they share some similarities. According to these theories most of us don't really care too much about work, all we care about is "money'. Though some of us don't mind working hard for it, as long as we get paid well. Beside according to the scientific theory the more we get paid, the more we work. Frederic Taylor believes workers only want one thing from their employers, and that thing is a "good salary'.

In addition, according to the theory Y McGregor also believes that most people will do a lot better at work if they were getting paid a little extra. However some people Just want the money, but they don't really want to work for It. They wish they could Just get paid to stay home. According to the theory X, those people only show up to work just for the money. On the other hand these theories also have some differences. Taylor believes in the scientific theory, the best way to do a Job is by doing some experiment first.

Learn to know what works and what doesn't. Taylor also believes employers should train their workers, and they also need to evaluate them so they could know what they can and cannot do. However McGregor doesn't think that employers need to train their workers, according to the theory Y he believes work Is something natural for us, it's like playing. He doesn't think that workers need to be evaluated, because he believes people In general can do anything they set their minds to. He Insists that people are Independent and we all are also creative.

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Yet, In the theory X McGregor seems to think something completely different about most people. He believes that most of us are lazy and Incapable of handling any kind of Job. Even more, he believes that most people would rather stay home Instead of going to work. The theory X describes most people as Incompetent and Irresponsible, and the only way for them to do something at work they have to be threatened. According to this theory most people have no leadership, they hate being In charge, Instead they Like being told what to do.

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