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Madame Bovary and the Religious Significance

Gina GarifoIntro to the Novel Prof SestoWriting Assignment #1 Madame Bovary and the Religious Significance Madame Bovary, a novel by Flaubert’s was filled with many different consequences to all sorts of actions, unmoral and disgraceful acts; especially for Emma. The majority of Emma’s life is filled with sin; she is an adulterous, lying woman who ends up taking her own life. Her life is disgrace as well as a mockery of religion.

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She starts off as a Christian. From a young age , Emma is in a convent- but that was the beginning.

Emma is captured by the fantasies she reads in novels, and she wants that life, no matter what. Emma marries Charles because at the time she thinks he is her way out of small town life and the way to became like a character in one of her novels. Later she is driven by her own selfishness into two separate loves affairs, and when those end badly she turns to her religion, because of the fear of God punishment to those who do not abide by his laws. Monsieur Bournisien was sought out by Emma, and the priest seemed to laugh off Emma problem and perceived it as “small” and said other have worse problems.

He really didn’t have any heavenly advice for her.. The multiple love affairs are a disgrace according to the catholic faith, and until the affair were over Emma didn’t think of God once. Once she was devastated and hurt she turned to her faith. She called up the priest for communion and described it as a new life, and how she can feel the presence of the holy lord. This vision she dreamt of stayed with her and she recalled it as such a beautiful thing Russell’s writings express that religion is based on fear, and in Emma case this is entirely true.

Emma only turned to her faith when all other options were exerted. This novel relates to his experts in more than one way. The writing express that fear is what drives people to religion, but more and more people are making their own choices in lives, based on the person. This writing should have been written to Emma herself, because this is exactly what she does. She doesn’t look to god for answers; she makes her own, which ultimately caused her to have two love affairs, lie and cheat and end up taking her own life.