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Lots of things

What the services and facilities people will look forward to? There are lots of things to consider among the industry. Let cannot do well with only one organization. It Just likes a intangible product, if you want attract people to choose that you must need to do well prepared for their planning , delivering, advertising.

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2. The structure of the travel, tourism and hospitality Industry First of all, there are so many different aspects to define the tourism Industry . Most of us will follow the definition from the World Tourism Organization (WTFO).

It defines Tourism as one activities of human traveling to and staying in places outside their usual area for not more than one year for leisure, business, and other purposes. And in side the Tourism, it related to many parts of business and organizations to promote the tourism product. They consist three sectors from the tourism environment. There are public sectors, private sectors and voluntary sectors. The public sectors mean the government of the country involved in the industry of tourism directly or indirectly, for example, the National Tourism Organization (ONTO).

What the public sectors to do s by directly building the facilities and destinations or training the people who work related to the Industry Indirectly. And what the public sectors done will make a widely range of Influence to the relevant travel Issues all around the world-Next the private sectors covers all the commercial businesses Like the chain hotels, airlines, restaurants or even the tour operators-This kind of sectors’ purpose is making money and it can contains all levels of distribution chain, which means the private sectors can be a suppliers, wholesalers and the retailers at the same time.

What’s more is the voluntary sectors, they are not the organization pursuing profit compared to the private sector. Let represents the specific interests of the members in the group and formed a unique purpose to promote the tourism.

For example, the National Association of Travel Agents Singapore, it promotes and enhance cooperation between the travel agents, playing an important role of negotiating for members and to make the public understand the services which the members can provide which Is a guarantee of competence-And besides the tourism, the part of travel also can be operated to many kinds of way-Sea travel Like the cruise trip, people choose the cruise instead of flight because it provides everything you need from entertainment, beautiful views of countryside and even the traditional local spot of the destinations.

Air travel is so common to describe, by the airplane people can go another place with the shortest time and figure out international, cultural different backgrounds. And domestic road travel provide a convenient way for the visitors that they can go anyway in the country, driving by themselves which not limited by time or money else. What’s more, the hospitality industry according to different sized operations,different customers can divided to many kinds of sector. For instance, the accommodation, gambling, holidays park,events,visitors attraction and so on.

For example, the Singapore Airlines takeovers the Jetsam Airlines to make their customers have more choices of flight lines. Instead of horizontal integration, vertical integration is make the company gets greater control and it involved in different levels of operations. Compared to backward vertical integration, forward vertical integration is more common. It is mean the company buys the further down equines under then distribution chain. On the other hand is mean that the forward vertical integration gaining more closer to the consumer.

For example, the Airline company takeover the travel agent to obtain well control the distribution and plan, organize more efficient, profitable package for the company. Backward vertical integration mean the company buy upward business and it is moving further from the customers. For example, the Thomas Cook Holidays setting up Thomas Cook Airways. In conclusion, we can find that the integration leads to more control and benefit to one business.