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Line Managers support HR initiatives

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Last year, the HR department was tasked to write the unwritten policies of the company and to review and revise all of the other written policies. HR was able to complete the required revisions within the time frame to the delight of members of the Executive and Management committees. HR proposed for the dissemination of these new policies to all departments of the company. Accordingly, the Executive Committee was not too willing to sacrifice some of the employees’ time for orientation such as this. But HR was able to convince them of the need for such orientation and implications if this would not be conducted. With the approval of the Executive Committee, HR coordinated with all the Managers of the line departments requesting for their subordinates and people to attend the scheduled orientations. All the departments were very cooperative and interested in the orientation. This project was again evidence of HR’s influence on the line departments and how the latter give their support to HR as their employees’ champion.


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Line Managers support HR initiatives essay

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