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Leading to the Modern Woman

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I have read numerous things that say men are the superior gender but after all of this research and learning the stuff that I have, I think that women are the superiors. Women have learned to overcome a lot of obstacles through the years and have come out for the better. We are still improving the rights of women, we have come a long way and will keep moving forward. Neal, R. S. Working -Class Women and Women's Suffrage Labor History, No. 12 (May 1967) up. 16/34 ASTOR database) This Journal entry talks about the emancipation of women.

The Journal states that historian says "It was during the industrial revolution moreover, and largely one because of the economic opportunities it afforded to working-class women, that here was the beginning of that most important and most beneficial of all social revolutions of the last two centuries, the emancipation of women. " I think this Journal will help with my paper because women found a way to get over the obstacles in their lives and being emancipated was one of the first obstacles. Tyler-McGraw, Marie, Parlor Politics: Women and Reform. 890-1925, Page 260 of 260-264 ASTOR database) The Journal of American History, Volvo 78, No. 1 None, 1991) This Journal is about and exhibition at the Smithsonian Museum. This exhibition links female dominated areas such as the parlors, tenement rooms, and the talented houses. This exhibition is good for my research because it covers the thirty-five year period of women reform. Johnson, Karen A. The Journal of African American History, Volvo. 91, No. 1. The African American Experience in the Western States (Winter, 2006) up 4-22, Undaunted Courage and Faith: The lives of Three Black Women in the West and Hawaii in the Early 19th Century.

ASTOR database) Three African American women are written about in this article. These three women talk about how African American women participated in movements for politics, ideological and social currents. They also talk about how this changed lives for African American people and other westerners. I chose article for one of my references because I think African American women had a rough life. When they were able to move onto their own land and prosper, they showed spunk and showed they were not giving up. Golden, Claudia, D.

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The Role of World War II in the Rise of Women's Employment, The American Economic Review, Volvo 81, No. 4 (Seep, 1991) up 741-756 ASTOR database) I found this article interesting. It talks about the sass's is the break with the past that war actually women needed. A lot of women that entered the work force during the stopped working at the conclusion of the war. There are some statistics in this article that I also found interesting in my research McCarty, Mary A, A Strange Stirring: The Feminine Mystique and American Women at the Dawn of the asses by Stephanie Cocoon (review) Journal of Social History, Volvo. 6 No. 4 summer 2013, up 1068-1070 This Journal is a review of the book The Feminine Mystique by Betty Friedman. The book talks about "the problem that has no name", the beliefs that undermine women's intellectual capabilities and kept them in the home as housewives. Friedman wrote this book in a time when the average woman first married in her teens and if they were in school 60 percent of them dropped out to marry. I find this book a good reference because it talks about an important part of women's history.

This is the 50th anniversary of this book, I am going to the library tomorrow to find it. I think it will be interesting to see how she wrote about it all and how times have changed. Patton, June O. Review: Essay Review l: African American Women, Civil Rights and Black Power, Sisters in the Struggle: African American Women in the Civil Rights- Black Power Movement by Betty Collier-Thomas, V. P. Franklin ASTOR database) This is a review of the original article (l am looking for it tomorrow at the library well).

It explores the civil rights activities of black women's organizations before 1950. There are several African American women covered and I find that they are influential to our history. Atwater, Deborah, F. Editorial: The Voices of African American Women in the Civil Rights Movement, Journal of Black Studies, Volvo 26 No. 5, Special Issue: May 1996, up 539- 542 I picked this article in my research because I think that learning about our history room people that actually experienced it is the best way to learn it.

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