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Kompyuter Adiksyon

E. Competition In the Tagaytay City we have several competitors in the terms of Shawarma product and there are also a lot of food charts that place in the different area of Tagaytay City because it is the tourist spot in the Philippines. The main targets of this food chart are the lower middle to upper middle class and some are tourist international and local.

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Our indirect competitors are Mr. Mappy pizza, Potato Chips, Siomai, Angel’s Burger and etc. Our direct competitors in the area Turks (Olivarez) and Alibaba Shawarma (magallenes branch and robinson tagaytay). Market Shares:

Turk’s Shawarma (Olivarez Plaza) is the number one in market shares because of its place and the volume of people go in Olivarez Plaza while Alibaba Shawarma (Robinson Tagaytay Branch) is the number two on the spot because of its place but theres a lot of competitors in the place like restaurant and fast food chains and Alibaba Shawarma (magallenes square Branch) it is the last spots because in the that place only workers of different establishment are the customer because that place have different restaurant and food chains to choose from like Leslies, Max restaurant, Yellow Cab and many more.

Resources: Since, this establishment is food stall type and there is a Franchisee and Franchisor. The resources of the business are comes from the Franchisor all the thing that will be needed in the business comes from franchisor. Product and Market Focus The product is shawarma product it is meat preparation, where lamb, chicken, turkey, beef, veal, or mixed meats are placed on a spit (commonly a vertical spit in restaurants), and may be grilled for as long as a day. Shavings are cut off the block of meat for serving, and the remainder of the block of meat is kept heated on the rotating spit.

There market focuses to sell the product on their target market they only focus on selling the product they not create new idea about the product. Goals They goal is to sell a delicious shawarma to their customer and serve the best shawarma on the place. Strategies This food stall only focuses in selling the product to their customer they not focus on how their establishment continues to operate. Their also dependent on their franchisor all planning and strategies comes from their franchisor. Strengths and Weaknesses

All establishments has a nice place but the product they offer is only limited in terms of sizes and different variety of flavor. Key Barriers to Entry There no vacant place to rent There are so many stalls in the place There are no yet crews for the business There is no yet a stall for the business Our product is unique from the other shawarma product because our product is a kind of street food that is of the same concept as Shawarma which is thinly sliced meat mixed with chopped vegetables and is rolled into a large piece of steamed bread. The difference from our product and the traditional shawarma is that we modified the fillings.

We will not fill the bread with the usual meat and vegetables. Instead, we will add new flavors to the traditional shawarma. Examples are Spaghetti, Pizza and California maki flavored shawarma. We will address our product as shawarma because the idea of filipino consumers of shawarma is filled flatbread which is applied in our new product. This new product will be named “Shawarmalaya”. Shawarmalaya came from the words “Shawarma” and “Malaya. Shawarma because the concept of this food is derived from the traditional shawarma and Malaya because customers can freely choose from the new flavors of shawarma.

The idea of this product is mostly derived from the traditional shawarma so the preparation of this product will be quite the same. The facilities to be used will also be the same except for the vertical grill used in cooking the traditional shawarma meat. We will also be needing an oven and steamers for the baking and steaming of the bread. Usual kitchen utensils will also be used for cooking and preparing the fillings. The processes and technology to be used in the preparation of this product will not be as high-tech as used in making the traditional shawarma.

Since we are short on facility and capital, we have decided to use alternatives to make the product. The use of old processes of making food will also mean less cost and expenses which will be good for the group/company. The usual shawarma meat is cooked in a vertical grill, in our case; we will just grill meat in an old fashioned way which will make the meat tastier and cost less. On the other hand, the preparation of the bread will be the same as the traditional shawarma which is baked and steamed then rolled with the fillings.

This idea is innovative in a way. We managed to add a twist and modify an already existing product. We didn’t change the form of the product but its approach. We are trying to make a new perception of shawarma on the minds of the consumers. We also want the consumers to enjoy the food they like in a new more flavorful way. Our product is difficult to copy because we have secret ingredient to put up to the product and we have the best suppliers that will supply best ingredients that will be needed.

Our competitors will be surprise because we have different approach to our customer because they have the free will to choose what the flavor will be put to their shawarmalaya. Our competitors will be surprise because we have different variety to choose from we have different flavors that is new to the eyes and taste of the consumer. When we launch our product we will do first 100 customers is free to taste our product and first one week of our product is by one take one. In takes a lot of time to copy our product because it is unique and it has different ingredients to find.