Jamaica Kincaid about Employees in Hotels and Tourist

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Place, she uses strong conviction and passion for the island which she grew up on. Although, the reader may view this strong affection very offensive, Kinked generalizes tourists and how they abuse the use of Antigen workers in hotels and tourism while on vacations, seems like she is trying to leave the reader understanding and empathetic. "Since you are a tourist, a North American or European - to be frank, white - and not an Antigen black returning to Antigen from

Europe or North America with cardboard boxes of much needed cheap clothes and food for relatives, you move through customs swiftly, you move through customs with ease. " Immediately the reader is hit with the second person accusation. Not only the second person, but anyone who has actually traveled to these places. Next we notice the racial descriptions that come off as prejudice and almost ignorant. Kinked acts despondent towards any white individual that tours her homeland because of the poverty there, and also European and Northern American tourists attitude about her, ugly' country.

Ms. Kind's assessments are extremely critical, but they also give any reader a new perspective on what locals may think while tourists visit their land. Antigen, from the author's description has a strong workforce within the tourism field, being that its one of the only places needing employees. She uses irony by saying that because white tourists are on vacation they block out whatever negative views are around them, therefore the island they visit is perfect.

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Kinked slightly interdicts herself when describing the employees as happy individuals because for a tourist the first positive impression from a worker could relay a happy person makes, a happy place. For Kinked to blame the reader or visitors ignorance as the reason for her rash views of her land, Is unjust. Bitterness and resentment are Just a few of the negative tones that the author uses to portray her message. Her poetic way of writing may haven't not been the correct approach to reach the reader. Her anger about tourism and the money tourists bring In Is very off putting and offensive.

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