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It Is Good for Children to Learn by Heart

It is good for children to learn by heart Children today learn in many different ways, it depends on who they have as “teacher”. Today most of the teachers at school agree with that it is good for children to learn by heart. While other, disagrees.

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Why is it good for children to learn by heart, why not? First of all I’d like to mention that each one of us isn’t the same. We all like to learn in different ways. Some like to learn by heart. Some need an explanation of everything they learn. Learning by heart is such a good idea. It leads to good grades. It also makes a person smarter.

When we for example learn the dates of important events that had been, by heart, we have control of how the world’s history has been through time. If someone ever mentions 1945, we will think of every event that had been in this year. It is also great to know each states of America by heart. Also name each country in the world. We then know where the state New York lays if someone mentions it. There are several things in life we just have to learn by heart. Like formulas in maths, they may not make sense, but you’ve got to learn it to solve a math problem.

This is an advantage for why child should to that. However, every good thing has also a bad side. Learning by heart isn’t the best thing we can tell a child to do. You may memorize everything you hear or read, by heart, but do you really understand everything of it? Not for sure. There may be difficult words that we read. We find out what the definitions of those words are. But still, don’t understand it. We just learn it by heart. And when we have a test on school where we are supposed to explain one word, we just write the definition of what we have learned by heart.

After some days, weeks or even months we may have forget what we have “learned”. Therefore it is good to understand what you know, so you can use it in practical situation, or explain it with your own words to somebody else. There are many other ways to learn. Since we all learn in different ways. We should spend time to figure out how and when we do learn best. Then again, you have to understand what you learn! Some ways to learn: Make pictures in your head when you read, for example. Search for an easy explanation on internet. Or ask somebody to help you.

Teachers at school can teach in a unique way. At school we can use what we learn in practical situations. It’s important to repeat what you’ve just learned, and think of it. I personally think that learning by heart is in a way pointless. I do learn in that way. Only when I have to learn nonsense things! Otherwise, I believe that everything has an explanation. I’m used to make an illustration of almost everything I hear. I make combinations of things I learn and then fantasize it to myself. This makes me understand the new things I learn through a day.