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Issues of Youth in Pakistan

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ISSUES FACED BY YOUTH IN PAKISTAN Youth, in this era of modern technology, is facing problem all over the world. But especially in developing countries of the world like Pakistan our youth is helpless and are growing up without clear goals and ideals. Of the 15 largest countries in the world in terms of population size, Pakistan has the largest population of the youngest people. In one’s mind this question may arise whether such a large population be regarded as a burden or an asset for country. But in my view such a large population could prove itself an asset towards the country.

This demographic situation provides our Pakistan’s youth with an extra ordinary opportunity that because of such a large young population our country could compete even with the developing countries of the world, then how could this population be designated as a burden. Particularly when we talk about the young people of Pakistan then we will get to know that our youth counter through number of issues from their education period up till their settlement in life. Hardest of all the time is the duration of their career making. Unemployment is the major issue confronted by our youth. Today 12% of our youth is unemployed.

Most of the educated students such as degree holders of Bachelors and Masters have no value in national or international market now. These unlucky guys are delivering pizzas and doing other door to door services. Some of them are so unlucky that they don’t even get such kinds of job too. Another prejudice being done every day to our youth is favoritism. It is processed in every organization of our country from lowest to highest level. Students who belong to any political parties or are far relatives of any high post officials they get job easily within few hours without any struggle.

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Although they are impotent for that job, and because of this brilliant students are deprived of their right. Another problem being faced by our youth is flawed education system in our country. There is no unification in education system. 3 to 4 systems are running at a parallel level. Students of private educational institutions such as NUST and LUMS are being taught entirely in different way as students of government institution are taught. Most of the students are misfit in their positions. They are not satisfied with their careers and jobs. Those who wanted to become engineers they are in medical colleges and vice versa.

The reason behind this is improper education counseling. They are not guided properly and many of them are enforced by their parents to join particular field. In developed countries students are being counseled after regular intervals for their better future but there is no such system in our country which could recognize the true talent of our own students. Our youth has lost its identity. Western and Indian culture has submerged gradually deep in our roots and are targeting our youth. They are easily targeted because they are far away from their own religion and culture and due to this they are lost in the blind end of street.

Dilemma of our youth is that they are talented and are capable enough to compete with the students of other countries but they are getting no chance to show their inner talents. Their talent is not being utilized in proper way. Their energies are used by political parties for their own sake. Negative role of media is another factor which is exploiting our youth. Youngsters are running in a race to copy the latest fashion as soon as possible. For this youngster especially young girls waste several hours in watching channels such as STYLE 360 to keep an eye on latest fashion. To look cool they smoke, drink wine etc. nd all this they learn by media, imitating their favorite TV actors. Computers and mobile phones instead of using them in a positive way they are being used to boast off. Message packages and late night packages provided by different phone companies like TELENOR, UFONE, WARID, JAZZ etc. and our youth instead of concentrating on their studies they are involved in such activities talking and texting all night and sleeping at day time during the class which in the end affect their grades. All of these problems are leading towards the mother of all problems which is FRUSTRATION.

Our youth is frustrated because of poverty, unemployment and injustice to them in society. Consequence of this is abundantly drug usage, suicide attempts, terrorism in some cases, rape and increase in crime rates. Depressed youngsters indulge themselves in unhealthy activities which not only harm the society but themselves too. They are either captured by corrupt company of gangsters or they themselves inhabit the company of bad boys who entangle these depressed one’s and spoil their whole life. And if he is the sole earner of family then we could imagine the destruction of lives of his whole family.

In this whole scenario youth need health resources, awareness, time for relaxation and affordable healthy entertainment but we are lacking all these things. Our youth should be engaged in such activities which enhance their talent and also contribute towards the development of country. Ministry of youth affairs take such initiatives so that youth is benefited in some way or other. But if the government properly support youth as in developed countries then we will gradually see the progress in economy of our country which will ultimately lead us to prosperity. INSHALLAH.

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