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Irobot – Technology Taking over Humanity

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Robot - Technology Taking over Humanity "Technology Is taking over humanity. This phrase Is being proven more and more as technology develops and the years go by. It is more deeply shown through the movie, Robot. The main message of this movie is to show how our society can change to be completely dependent on technology if we keep on improving it in many different ways such as robotic body parts, robotic systems and robots to do everyday work for humans. The advances In technology are amazing to some extent and are completely changing owe we humans live and really, are saving lives.

Many years ago, you didn't hear many people getting metal hip replacements, or any other body part replaced by some man made machine or object. It's becoming a common thing to have to give up on the body and rely on machine. As this progresses, eventually humans will continue to be able to replace body parts and essentially, extend the lifetime of a human being and could be considered robots. Humans currently rely on deferent robotic parts to fix up parts of their bodies which are not working to the right potential.

To fix the different senses such as hearing, doctors surgically implant an electric device that provides a sense of sound to a person which is profoundly deaf. A visual prosthesis is a visual device intended to restore functional vision in those suffering from partial or total blindness. Robotics are used to transplant living cells, tissues or organs from human to human or human to animal or vice versa. Many concerns may come with this such as the transferring different diseases or possibly the failure of transplanting. Diseases are ore common In semitransparent.

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Semitransparent Is the transplanting of body parts from animal to human or vice verses. Alternations is less risky as it is the transplanting of body parts to and from the same species. Organ farming or harvesting refers to the removal, preservation and use of human organs or tissues from the recently deceased to the living. This way of saving people's lives has become very common especially in the past few years. Even though all these replacements of body parts and systems are available to all people, the prices are ere costly therefore it is out of reach for many people who do not have the money for It.

It may be saving people's lives but not for all. If we think about it, the only part of our bodies that would be very hard to imitate and create as a machine would be the brain. It is also the last piece of our bodies separating humans from being completely a robot. As technology progresses, it will be possible to create something that Is close to the way a brain operates. All this Is present In the movie of Robot. We can clearly see that robots have taken 1 OFF ever the humans lives in the movie and that we soon eventually will become like that without help.

The relationship between our life and the Robot life is shown through the way robots have been made adapted to our every need. With the robots existing we are able to take their functions and make them our own, to help us when we are in need. Piece by piece, soon the human body completely will become machine functioned. The advantages to having these robotic replacements are that humans will have a longer life expectancy. This is also a downside as it is playing with the way life is opposed to be.

Another advantage is that it would save lives. There are so many people out there waiting for transplants but if technology eventually got to a point where body parts and vital organs were being made we would be blessed with a longer life. The downsides of robotic replacements are that computers are easily hacked. If humans become partially robotic or even fully robotic we may be hacked, taking over our bodies and mind, controlling every move. Also, humans weren't made to improve upon the bodies that we were given.

Overall technology has helped humans so far by saving lives with robotic replacement or transplanting of cells, tissues or organs. Where it goes from here may change the world drastically. This is why the phrase "Technology is taking over humanity' is becoming real. Soon we will become a robotic world where all we do is through robotics whether it is to help us repair or improve our bodies or help us in day to day activities, where we all are partially if not fully robotic and where we have completely lost our humanity through machine and technology development.

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