Importance of Education and the Rise of Cheating Among Students

Last Updated: 31 Mar 2023
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Cause and Effect Essay The importance of education is higher than it was twenty years ago. Jobs that didn’t need a college education requirement in the past now do. For example, civil service jobs, Police Officers, Mechanics, and Firefighters, all require some degree of college to get into the field of choice. The importance of education is getting greater, but the motivation of students is not. In other words, students are spending more time playing rather than worrying about what’s important, which should be their education. How are students supposed to make any kind of real money if they get bad test scores?

That kind of influence has forced students to turn to cheating. These students will assume that cheating is the best option; but is it really? Students think that the benefit of cheating will outweigh the risk. In the heat of the moment, these students are not thinking logically. These students think they have to do well on tests and that cheating is the best way to do it. These risky students are not thinking about the consequences if they get caught. In addition, these students are not thinking of the fact that they should be studying instead of playing video games all night.

For example, a friend cheated all the time on tests. What he didn’t know was the teacher knew all along. At the end of the semester, the teacher showed him a list of zeros and said, “Next time, STUDY! ” The students of today’s society are expected to be more productive with their time because of higher educational demands. That doesn’t mean wasting time by staying up all night playing video games or partying or doing other things that do not include studying. They would rather do nothing, cheat and risk getting caught! Another key point is that there are students that take cheating to the next level.

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In other words, some students are so desperate they are willing to steal test answers. Also, some students will go as far as hiring someone else to take the test for them. What these students fail to realize is that stealing test answers or hiring someone to take the test for them is a felony. For example, there was a segment on the television about a seventeen year old boy being hired to take the SAT’s for other students. Apparently, the boy got caught, and is now under house arrest. In addition, he has to do years of community service.

On top of that, he has a record so it will be difficult for him to get into a good college or, ultimately, get a decent paying job. This shows how far cheating can go and that sometimes it may ruin one’s future which could even affect and ruin more than just one person’s life. The importance of education and the curriculum demands have gotten higher over the upcoming years. Unfortunately, this has caused students to turn to cheating. In the end, cheating has caused students to lower their standards of themselves. These students are risking everything by cheating.

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