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I Am Sam Reaction Paper

ENGLISH 2 Chu, Jensy P. February 28, 2013 TTHS 1-2pm Prof. Bernardo I AM SAM -Reaction Paper I.

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SUMMARY The movie revolves around a mentally challenged man named Sam Dawson. He has a 7 year old daughter, Lucy who in under unfortunate circumstances was taken away from him. Now he asks help from a well-known lawyer, Rita and fights for custody over Lucy. With the help of his friends and loved ones, they do their best to get Lucy back. On the way, rough challenges comes their way but strengthens their bond and love for each other. II. PERSONAL REACTION

The movie is a very touching, spectacular and award winning motion picture I’ve seen in my whole life. For it touched my heart and made me realize facts about life. This movie has such sad and funny parts and the acting is absolutely fabulous. All in all, This movie tells an amazing story and is never boring. I really loved the movie. The actors portrayed their roles perfectly. Sean Penn did a wonderful job in portraying a mentally challenged man. Like when he was about to give up when he saw Lucy with her new family, there was a moment that the camera focused on his eyes. You can really see the warmth he injects into his acting.

Now Lucy played by Dakota Fanning for me exhibits a depth of soul which made her acting a stellar work. At such a young age, to be able to act like that is very impressive. And Rita played by Michelle Pfeiffer, her acting is skillfully acted out. She can show different emotions perfectly. From the cool composed lawyer to a troubled wife and mother. And the supporting actors did a brilliant performance too. I also love the soundtrack associated with the movie. The music is such delight. Every song is a rousing piece made up of either cheerful fluffiness or emotional embodiment in which it suites the scene quite nicely.

Examples are the song Blackbird and I’m looking through you, this two songs I really like. I really loved the movie but I was a bit dismayed with the ending. The end, in particular was unrealistic yet satisfying in a certain way. It didn’t really say what happened. It just showed what happened not how it happened. Other than that I’d give the movie a two- thumbs up. Indeed the movie is a piece of artwork. To those who want to be moved and get teary eyed, to those who wants to laugh at life. I recommend everyone see it. If you don’t, you’re missing out.