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I Am a Former Princess of France

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I am Henrietta Maria - a former princess of France. I am the daughter of King Henry IV of France and Marie de Medici - my father King Henry IV was killed when I was only a baby so I was never privileged to know him. When I was only 7 years old my mother was banished from France - so I didn’t know her very well either.

While growing up, I was educated in many things, this included riding, dancing, and singing - and I was also pretty involved in court theatricals. At the age of 15, I came to England for the very first time - not really knowing what to expect.With me, I brought an enteraige so to speak - this included priests, as well as others.

Before I knew it I was engaged to marry Charles I. We married in 1625 which was a very lengthy and detailed process - but for some reason the people of this country did not approve. They say I am ‘too Catholic’. The Dutch looked at my marriage with disapproval as well - because they made sure that alliances would not work out.

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Now that I have married my husband - King Charles I - I am now the queen consort of England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales. After our marriage, I became close to the duke of Buckingham and through this relationship I found myself in the presence of the great lords of the court- and I was even pretty close with a few of them.

Throughout our marriage Charles and I had seven wonderful children - those children include - Charles II of England, James II of England, Henrietta of England, Mary, Henry Stuart Duke of Gloucester Elizabeth, and Ann Stuart. My daughter Mary became the Princess of Orange, and my other daughter Henrietta became the duchess of Orleans. During our marriage Charles often looked to me for many things, support, advice, etc.

Many people do not like this because they are scared I will turn him in a Catholic as well - but Charles proved them wrong, he was a devout Protestant throughout his lifetime. When the Civil wars began to break out I did get rather intrigued with politics. The reason I enjoyed politics so much was because of the dynastic and cultural ties to other countries. I did become and advisor of my husband advising him whether he should fight the Parliamentarians or not.

When the war broke out I was in the Netherlands, while I was there though I did raise funds for my husband. I sold my jewels, and collected funds, just to help him succeed. My deepest desire is for him to succeed. In 1643 when I finally returned I brought with me troops from the Hague to help Charles fight the Parliamentarians.

About a year later, when things were starting not to look so good for my dear Charles, I decided to leave the country. Throughout this time, I kept in contact by writing letters to him. I wrote him many letters still offering up my advice. In particular, I wrote to my husband in 1646 - I was trying to urge him to sacrifice the church in order to save himself. We wrote many letters back and forth until Charles’ death.

I have known and loved Charles since I was 15 - and we’ve had seven wonderful children together. I left my home in France as a Princess to come here and marry Charles and help him rule this country. Throughout my time of knowing Charles, I know he would never do anything harmful to this country.

We have even raised our children protestant, no matter my beliefs of how they should be raised. He is a devout protestant - even when I disagree with some of his views he still does what he believes it right. We have spent our marriage trying to better this country, even if that means arguing.

As Charles’ wife, it is my duty to fight for him and make sure he is a free man. Throughout our whole marriage we have been loyal and trusting in one another. This is my opportunity to show my husband how much I love him. My husband Charles, is a kind and just King and he would never do anything he thought wasn’t appropriate for the country. It is my job as his wife to defend him and make sure no harm comes to him.

Also, as Charles’ wife I have become an advisor to my husband and I have worked diligently with him to make sure he has done what it appropriate for this country. Even though we do occasionally argue about how we want this country to be ran, we can usually come to an agreement. In 1641 - Charles sent me to France so he could move North to Yorkshire which became his base. While I was there we did, stay in contact with one another through letters.

While I was in The Hague I continued to write to my husband advising him on things that are important. Throughout these letters we discussed what he needed to do with the church, as well as other important tasks. We even discussed that he needed to sacrifice the Episcopacy for the sake of settlement.

Even when Charles, decided to challenge the Parliament - it was for the best of this country. It was my duty when Charles was in trouble to to raise funds for him, as well as raise an army of troops to help his cause. As Charles’ wife I am to support him in all of his endeavors and that is why I am speaking on behalf of my husband.

Throughout our marriage I have done what I have, out of love of this country as well as Charles. Charles and I have had seven wonderful children together, and even though I was raised Catholic, Charles wants them raised Protestant because he loves this country and believes the way you do.

No one, has ever questioned the King or put him on trial - this is treason! That’s why when my husband was called to trial, I just couldn’t believe it! Haven’t they ever heard of divine right of monarchy?! No King has ever had to prove himself to his country or his people! It’s just simply known that monarchs are untouchable! It’s treasonous to even believe that the King wouldn’t be loyal to the country!

Like I have previously said, my husband Charles is a kind a just man. He only does what he believes is right for this country. Charles is a good man and he has done his duty, just as I have. We have built our lives around this country and what is best for it. We have provided heirs for this country and we have raised them Protestant, despite my religion.

We have brought some Catholic principles into the courts, for instance bringing priests into the courts - and that was only to please me. Charles does not believe the same way I believe.

Charles has always done what he thinks is appropriate for the country. The people of this country simply do not respect their King! If they did they would not question his actions or his beliefs! Charles, is not the problem, it’s the lack of cooperation with the people of this country!

When I married my husband, we married because he knew his duty was to this country and that meant getting married and providing heirs for this kingdom.

Also, like I said previously - we have done so much for this country and in return there is nothing but disrespect and hate coming from them! As the King - Charles should not be punished, because he has nothing to be punished for!

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