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Hyperion Financial Management: Performance Tuning Guide

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For comprehensive tuning information for the PM System, please refer to the Oracle@ Hyperfine PM, Fusion Edition Performance and Tuning Guide. Top of Document This document is written for people who monitor performance and tune the components in an PM/BI environment. It is assumed that readers know server administration and hardware performance tuning fundamentals, web servers, java application servers and database.

Introduction to Oracle Hyperfine PM System Performance

To maximize Oracle Hyperfine PM System performance, you need to monitor, analyze, and tune all the components. This guide describes the tools that you can use to monitor performance and the techniques for optimizing the performance of Oracle Hyperfine PM System components, for example Financial Management, Sybase, Reporting and Analysis and Planning. Performance Terminology This guide uses the following performance terms: Scalability The system's ability to perform within specification under increasing user load, data load and hardware expansion. Latency The time between the issuing of a request and the time when the work actually begins on the request. Think time The time a real user pauses to think between actions.

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Resource utilization A consumption metric, for example, the percent of CPU usage. Response time A time metric, for example round-trip time it takes the server to deliver a Web page. Throughput A rate metric (requests per unit of time), for example, requests per second, bits per second. For example, if an application can handle 20 customer quests simultaneously and each request takes one second to process, this site has a potential throughput of 20 requests per second. Understanding Key Performance Drivers To optimize your deployment, you must understand the elements that influence performance and scalability.

A factor that dictates performance is called a key performance driver. Knowing how the drivers behave in combination further enhances your ability to deploy Oracle Hyperfine PM system optimally, based on the unique requirements of each deployment. Hardware Capacity - Factors such as number of servers, quantity and speed of processors, available RAM, network speed etc. Technical Platforms Tuning - Fine tuning other third party software required for installing and running Oracle Hyperfine PM products; for example: relational databases, Java application servers, Web servers, Server / Client Operating System and browsers.

Business Application Design - Application design is an important factor in system performance I. E. Structure, size, and use of product features in designing applications' databases, reports, Web data entry forms, calculations and consolidations. Business Process usage - Activities carried out by users in the normal flow of your business cycle. Business process usage has three components:

User activity

  • Activities available to users for data load or data entry, database processing (consolidations, copy, clear, and so on), and reporting and analysis. Rate of user activity
  • A number of transactions executed by one user per one hour.

User concurrency

  • Number of users for each activity being carried out simultaneously.

Tuning Recommendations for Financial Management Performance tuning Oracle Hyperfine Financial Management is a complex and iterative process. To ghetto started, this document includes recommendations to help you optimize your Oracle Hyperfine HEM system reference. Note: tuning has to be done for a particular production workload. Tuning can be conducted when workload is generated by load generation tools like Oracle Application Testing Suite (TATS) or Load Runner by HP.

This document touches on several areas that provide a quick start for performance tuning Financial Management, including: Tune Operating Systems parameters Tune HTTP Server parameters Tune HTTP Server Compression / Caching 4 Tune Oracle Database Parameters Hyper-Threading / SMS Considerations Note: while the list in each of the above stated section is a useful tool in tarring your performance tuning, it is not meant to be comprehensive list of areas to tune. You must monitor and track specific performance issues within your implementation to understand where tuning can improve performance.

Top Of Document Diagnosing Performance Problems When a performance issue arises, it is critical to first determine the cause prior to taking any corrective action. Oracle does not recommend changing performance-related parameter settings or taking other actions until an extensive analysis of the problem has been performed. Using Monitoring Tools Oracle strongly recommends using monitoring tools to collect performance ATA as part of the diagnostic process. Monitoring the WFM application server, web servers, database server(s) and network layers provide useful performance data.

The recommended tool to monitor the WFM application process performance on the Windows server side is Microsoft Performance monitoring. Steps for configuring Performance Monitor to gather the counters specific for HEM application can be found here:

Performance counters to monitor include: Us beseem Counter Guidance Memory Memory: Free System "Warning" when Free System Page Table Entries is Page Table Entries less than 8,000 "Critical" when Free System page Table Entries is less than 5,000.

On WFM systems if you enable KGB without proper tuning as per recommendations stated in section "Tune Windows /KGB", you will notice 5000 PET as initial value after the reboot. Memory: Available Should be no lower than 20% to 25% of Installed Maybes physical memory. In these cases, carefully monitor Paging activity. Memory: Page This counter should be below 1,000 at all times. Reads/sec Processor processor: % processor Total processor utilization should be lower than about Time Total to 80%. Processor: % Processor Each processor instance should be lower than about 5 Disk 70% to 80% utilization.

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