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Humans and Bread

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Food is a basic need for the creatures in the world to sustain their daily body methodology. Bread is a regarded as a symbol for life, symbol for prosperity and livelihood from ages. Bread, a food item was discovered primarily in the Middle East and the features of the bread were modified according to the regions it has been introduced. The bread was related to the divine source provided by the eternity. Since wheat is the cultivated in most part of the world and the bread is prepared with wheat. Bread therefore symbolizes food in various forms.

Consumption of bread was known in the pre Christian era. In the initial times when bread was introduced to the English speaking countries the villages used to have to community kitchens where the women in every house used to bake their cakes at a common place. The women were regarded as the significant part in the family who nurture the family and their congregation was regarded as significant social involvement. The guests were welcomed in to the houses with a piece of bread and liquor to wish them a better life.

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The Russians regards bread and vodkha as a sacred combination. The bread which was prepared from wheat was considered basic food. Bread was used as a commodity in Egyptian ages. After the post harvest period people were provided with work and paid bread. Thus bread is considered as money. Bread or wheat was considered as basic ingredient for the livelihood and the rulers were at times conscious about the supply of the grains or bread to huge population in the kingdom.

The bakers who tried to adulterate the bread making process were severely punished. The English used to introduce wheat cultivation and bread making in different parts of the world. Bread making even now is a daily routine affair for many families in different countries as it symbolizes a tradition, a habitual action. Now a days people in different parts prepare bread to suit their tastes to make it more nutritious and to include their and love and affection to share with family.

Humans and Bread essay

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