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How to Keep Fit Public Speaking

A very good afternoon to my teacher Sumita & all my classmate. Today I would like to talk about the title “How to keep fit”. Everyone wants to keep fit, but did u all know what is keep fit & what body is means fit? (showing picture) these all guys is the successful keep fit people.

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As you see that fit is not means having a thin body. A fit body also can help you get away from disease, what it means you can have a healthy life if you have a fit body, so how you can keep your body fit? Here is some idea I have in my mind to help you keep fit.

I have to say first, the most important thing , if you want a fit body, you have to Stay motivated, If you don’t, you’ll eventually give up. First, The best way to keep fit should be having Exercise. It is a very important part in keep fit. It help you keeps our blood flowing which keeps your heart beating. If you having free time, you also can go in sports or gyms but If you are busy so can’t go to anywhere, you can do exercise in home also, example push up, sit up, bench and jogging is also a major exercise, you should jog at least 1 kilometer to let that fat off.

Here a tips for you, If you are overweight, start with something simple like jogging 5 minutes everyday. The next week, go 10 minutes a day. Continue increasing your output until you establish a solid routine. Next, you should give your body fuel. As you become more active, you’ll need more food, but not just any food—you need healthy, energy-laden food that’ll jump-start the next phase of your day, not weigh it down. Learn how to eat healthfully and drink more water. Normally should drink 8 to 10 glasses of water each day. And remember that you really need to avoid unhealthy snacks.

Finally, you have to let your body rest enough. When you’re giving your body a run for its money with varied physical activities, you also need to let it recover and renew by getting a sufficient amount of sleep. Determine how many hours of sleep you need in order to feel refreshed in the morning, then discipline yourself to wake up and go to bed at the same times on a daily basis. In conclusion, a Healthy body is very important for us, so that we have to keep our body fit so we can say goodbye to doctor and hospital. I hope you all can get some useful ways to keep body fit from my speech today. Thank you for lending your ears.