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Horror of Holiday

This summer I went to camp with my friends. It was one day and night trip. There were about 12 children.

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We put up our tent near the river to hear river flows and swim. To me beginning was extremely nice. But suddenly it rained so heavily. Because of the rain we all got wet and cold. Although we knew there were no branches that didn’t wet, we decided to collect branches to make a fire. Also it was getting darker. So I climbed the forest with my 5 male friends. The one of them was climbing more higher and higher.

Suddenly he came down so quickly and said that a drop of water dropped on his head from tree. He surprised and looked around there was nothing except that tree. His face was looked pale and frightened. Because of that we were so afraid. However, we started collecting branches. When I sat down to collect few branches, something hit my back. So I asked my friends who was he that threw branch at me? They all said they are not except only one friend of mine who was smiling secretly. So I asked him. He also said “I’m not”. I got goosebumps and about to cry.

But he said “I threw only cone of pine at you”. That was really relief. When we finished and went back, I was walking in front of them. They called me loudly and made me to stop walking. They run to me quickly, said there was something behind me and following my steps. I was really afraid and began to cry. Suddenly they all comforted and hugged me warmly, and said “it was only joke” with big smile. Altough they told me it was joke, I couldn’t talk anymore about 4 hours. That was the worst holiday in my life… Anartsetseg. E