Hill Strengths and Weakness

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Along with its strengths, CHEM. Hill also has weaknesses that it needs to overcome to maintain its level of success. The company is rather large and occupies many offices around the world making it difficult to enforce the code of ethics it is so known for in the industries it serves. CHEM Hill has difficulty ensuring compliance to regulations while performing work in so many different states and countries, opening it up to fines and lawsuits.

The firm has acquired and merged with other companies to increase its diversity and market position but in turn has had troubles ensuring that these new acquisitions conform to regular practices.  With the Joint ventures CHEM Hill has entered into has come the inability to determine the exact effectiveness of that division where failure will lead to recognized losses. The firm's high tech nature and complete reliance on computers and systems makes it alienable to financial losses and reputation loss if any of their networks or systems were to fail.

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CHEM Hill has an employment disadvantage as its existing work force continues to get older every year due to a declining incoming work force and its inability to attract or hire younger professional personnel (Widget, n. D. ).


The external market and business factors have created opportunities for CHEM.. Hill. As other countries develop their sustainable energy futures, there is great opportunity to work in these countries in energy development, one of the main business groups of CHEM Hill.

During the course of projects CHEM Hill employees work alongside many subcontractors who could be acquired in the future so that the firm could offer whole project delivery. CHEM.. Hill's management is heavily involved SWOT Analysis for CHEM Hill Strengths By orders (Bastardization, n. D. ). The cost leadership that CHEM.. Hill enjoys as its market strategy has positioned it in the market, enabling it to become the most documented name in the business. This provides an opening for attracting new clients to its web of customers (Free SOOT Analysis, 2013).

As developing countries or developed entries look to upgrade their deteriorating infrastructures, CHEM.. Hill who is known for resource and infrastructure management will have a greater potential client pool. CHEM.. Hill who has succeeded inform their own 100% secured cloud could offer rentable cloud computing networks for small companies. CHEM Hill has vast experience in the asset management business and could offer this skill to others in North America. Although CHEM.. Hill has much experience in water management, they tend to work in smaller markets with the global water shortage the larger markets, such as China, are becoming more attractive.

CHEM. Hill could utilize its vast experience and expertise in renewable energy to gain new projects as the global market demand for cleaner energy resources increases. In addition to operational and maintenance aid in this increasing energy segment CHEM  Hill could offer facilities management consultation to these plants .


Threats to CHEM.. Hill will come from many different sources; we will discuss some of them below. A declining global economy with less money to invest in infrastructure and private projects will affect the amount of Jobs to bid on.

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