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Heroin and Pretty Good Book

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Jude by Kate Morgenroth is a story about a fifteen year old named Jude. It’s a pretty good book about a kid who struggles in a drug and murder world. Jude’s mom abandoned him when he was young. His dad was drug dealer that mainly deal with heroin. Sadly his dad was murdered and he was a witness. He can’t go to the police or his life will be in danger. This is the story of a fifteen year old named Jude.

When his dad dies of an overdose he is alone. Till his mom with open arms lets him in her life. The fact that his mom has a boyfriend didn’t make his stay easier. On top of that he is a police officer named Harry. Harry is a good guy but a stereotype towards Jude cause of his history with his dad. His mom thinks it would be best if he went to a private school. Jude didn’t like it and didn’t have many friends. One day a classmate dies of a overdose and Jude is the first person everyone looks at. Cause of his history with his dad he is held for trial for murder.

Jude has a court date for his murder trial. Though innocent, he has no evidence to prove otherwise. His mom is worried and Harries trying to get the evidence to prove him not guilty. Jude is pretty much in his own world. This fifteen year old boy with a worried mother and died dad. All he can do is blame his dad for this horrible history he is left with. Then his mom’s boyfriend goes to his room to give him the news. He tries to explain the risky scheme he has came up with. Jude thought it was either the plan or jail so he decides to go through with it.

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Heroin and Pretty Good Book

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The plan that Harry came up with was risky but it was all they got. He explains how he has to get his friend Anna elected for an anti-drug campaign that would clear his name and his history. He got news that he was going to be tried as an adult for his trail. It worried him that if the plan doesn’t work he could do up to 5 years. So he helps Harry on his plan to prove his innocents. It worked, he got Anna elected for the anti-drug campaign. When trail was up the biggest twist I have ever read. Harry double crossed him and got him sent to 5 years of hard labor. The plan was for finical gain towards the campaign and getting Jude out of the way.

This story about a fifteen year old boy named Jude. About his drug, murder, and jail filled life. His life started with a dead drug dad and a mom that didn’t even want him. Now he is jail doing 5 years cause of his mother’s boyfriend. This is a story of a boy and his messed up world. This is probably the best book if u likes twist and action. I recommend this book to older teens like 15+ but a really good book.

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