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Heroes: Twinkle Little Star and Hero

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What is a hero?

Usually, people think of heroes as people who fight crime in movies or comic books, but those people don't exist in the real world. I think a hero is an everyday person that can change the world. Someone that inspires or helps you. My hero isn't an actor, a singer, or even a dancer. In fact, he's never been on TV or on the radio! But, those things aren't what make people hero's it's what's inside that counts. My hero is strong yet gentle, honest, trustworthy, and loving. My hero knows Just what to say when I'm feeling sad. My hero is my dad.

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You're probably thinking "well that's a stupid hero" or "there's nothing special about a nobody", but my dad IS SPECIAL, and not because he is my dad, but because he is the most trustworthy person I know, and not only that he is generous, kind and filled with love. At the age of two, I learned how to sing "Twinkle, twinkle little star", count from 1 to 10, memorize A to Z, and many more. He never fails to teach me good values and have faith with God. He has helped my family and me to succeed at anything we do because he believes in us and supports us.

He never puts himself before anyone else. My dad is my protector, mentor, and my trainer. Working hard to provide all my needs, protecting me every time, and guiding me as I grow up. He's my best teacher! Overall, my dad is amazing and I can call my dad as one of the "best dads in the world" and that makes him my SUPERHERO. Now look at your hero's and think about what makes them a hero, not that there good at sport or always on the TV, but look inside their hearts and then decide if they're truly a hero's at all.

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Heroes: Twinkle Little Star and Hero essay

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