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Communications Issues in Focus Report for GNLD company

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GNLD was founded 49 years ago in California, US. Now it is a multinational company that operates in more than 50 countries. 80 per cent of its sales are food supplements. The products are sold through direct sales and network marketing. The products are advertised through GNLD experiences, 1-hour long event where the guests can try the products and purchase them for the first time. In Lithuania the first distributors started to work for GNLD in 1997. Right now it involves 500 distributors around the country, 300-active and 200-passive.

There is no inventory warehouse or official office with clear leadership structure in Lithuania these days. CRM would allow creating the database that would cover the whole network (there is no any database so far). In its turn database allows to keep the customers visible, and not to lose them as time passes (that what has been happening since 1997). CRM database allows tracking down the preferences, developing patterns and pre-calculating the customers' needs in the future.

Beyond the technical features, CRM creates ongoing relationship with customer that lasts after the single purchase.  It helps to create customized/personalized messages that meet accurately the targeted groups' expectation and wishes about the products, events, etc.  International goals are: In the area of Health, we empower people with knowledge and scientifically proven products to maximize your potential for lifelong health.

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In the area of Self Improvement, we empower people with training, person-to-person support, and simple, time-proven tools that allow you to succeed by being yourself. In the area of Financial Independence, we empower people by providing the keys to controlling your income and quality of life. GNLD Lithuania. Attract new active distributors (3 per month). Concentrate more effort on expanding operations in Kaunas and Vilnius regions. Find out the reasons why active distributors switch to inactive.

Eliminate inconveniences hampering the development of the network.  Motivate active distributors by recognizing their efforts, providing help in organizing various seminars about the product and other support.  Maintain the present clients happy by keeping close relationship with them, by asking for their opinion about the product and by applying their suggestions to the business.  Accumulate enough sales to qualify for our own warehouse and office (100 000 points, or 450 000 Lt per month in whole Lithuania) in the country

Encoure customers to be more active and not hesitant to ask questions and give suggestions. Organize open forum discussions with the distributors/clients. Provide contact information where to address all the questions, suggestions.  Make the information easy to access, easy to understand and to the point, i. e. to translate the information about the products into Lithuanian, to create a Lithuanian version internet website about GNLD and its products, to provide an opportunity to ask questions online by using forum.

Direct sales: GNLD products are not sold through any store chains, the only way to get it is to buy it personally from the distributor you know or to become a distributor yourself. Network marketing-How the money is made? The basic principle behind the business model is to create the network of people, who would not only buy and sell the products but also would invite other people to join the network and become their apprentices. When a distributor attracts a certain number of people to the network he/she becomes a manager and starts earning some percentage of the sales the people he/she attracted make.

The more people are joined into the market, the higher the status of a person who attracted those new people is, the more additional income he/she receives. GNLD is a new company in Lithuania's market, operating for 2 years so far. During that period of time, the company got familiar with Lithuania's market, found their clients, and increased sales. As the company keeps operating in this market, there are some strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats identified for GNLD, which are affecting the company now and might be influential in company's operations in the future.

Communications Issues in Focus Report for GNLD company essay

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