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Guideline For Improving Ethernet With New Technologies

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Redesign network topology in preparation for phase 2 Phase 2 Replace edge switches (I. E. Server, PC, Phone stacks) with viable Ethernet solution Increase bandwidth by using fiber instead of copper connections between the edge devices and the core routers Objectives this refresh we will be able to take advantage of newer technology that has been introduced over the past 10 years. Another goal is to increase uptime by looking into a more redundant, robust solution. Our goal, to achieve axes.

Business Need To provide our customers service above and beyond their current expectations we need a modern network. This network should have the ability to expand as our company grows. Faster ports and newer technology to drive us into the next decade. Resiliency and redundancy will play a large part, helping us achieve our goal of axes. Project Manager and Stakeholders Project Manager / Principal Infrastructure Engineer Person Network Engineer - Person External Company - Person Stakeholders - Internal/external customers Milestones Request for Information Out Request for Purchase Out

Budget Numbers presented POP for Phase 1 Implementation of Phase 1 POP for Phase 2 Implementation for Phase 2 Budget - Person Network Architect - This project is a high budget project spread out over the course of 2 years/ 2 phases. Approximate cost $600,000 for Hardware, Service and outside expertise. User Acceptance Criteria/Quality What are the minimum success criteria as defined by the key stakeholders? High-Level Project Assumptions The Data network is currently out of warranty and End of Life, support can be obtained for a premium, but no patches will be created.

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High-Level Project Constraints Time - With the company striving for axes we need the proper downtime to implement the solution Exclusions and Boundaries Core Routers Edge Switches Redesign of network topology Increase performance on the network Out of Scope: Telephony, Servers, Wireless, Database and anything not otherwise noted in the scope of the project. Major Risks The project is complex, removing our current network and replacing it with a new network. If not planned correctly we could see packet loss across the network, no network connectivity or improper flow of traffic.

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