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Gregor Mendel

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Who was Gregor Mendel? Mendel was a scientist who gained a substantial amount of fame from his study of genetics. He studied the pea plant and its inheritance of certain traits. 2. What contributions did he make to science? His study of genetics led to an increase interest in the study of genetics. His biggest contribution to the study of science was his discovery of particulate inheritance, dominant and recessive traits, genotype and phenotype, and the concept of heterozygous and homozygous. . Which species did he work with? Mendel worked with the simple pea pod plant in his 8 year science experiment 4. State his 4 hypothesis

The first part, or law, states that, "Alternative versions of genes account for variations in inherited characters. " The second law states that, "For each character trait, like height, color, texture, etc an organism inherits two genes, one from each parent. The third law declares that, "If the two alleles differ, then one, the dominant allele, is fully expressed in the organism's appearance; the other, the recessive allele, has no noticeable effect on the organism's appearance. " The fourth law states that, "The two genes for each character segregate during gamete production. " 5. Explain the concept of independent assortment The concept of independent assortment states that the emergence of one trait will not affect the emergence of another.

For example, a pea plant's inheritance of the ability to produce purple flowers instead of white ones does not make it more likely that it would also inherit the ability to produce yellow peas in contrast to green ones. 6. What conditions were overlooked by Mendel? Darwin’s theory that “if the wide variation observable in cultivated plants were caused by the changed conditions and increased nourishment experienced on being brought into cultivation, then this cause of variation must continue to act. ”

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