Good Will Hunting: Movie Response

Last Updated: 20 Jun 2022
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Good Will Hunting Movie Response

Name: answer each questions with 1 paragraph (6 sentences)

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1. What is Sean Maguire's (Robin Williams) Psychological Specialization? How do you know his? What parts of the movie lead you to this conclusion?

Sean Maguire specializes in talking with people who are incredibly defensive and unwilling to open up about many aspects of life. Sean could be considered a Counseling Psychologist. This becomes quite evident as their time together goes on throughout the film. Will is completely unwilling to open up in the first few sessions they have together, and shows a great deal of defensiveness. He dodges and redirects questions, and Sean goes along with it for a while. Finally, Sean actually challenges Will's weak defense mechanisms, and after a few unproductive sessions, Will begins to open up.

2. What contemporary school of psychological thought does Sean Maguire belong to? How do you know this? What parts of the movie lead you to this conclusion?

3. What have you gained from watching the movie that you can translate into your own life?

I have learned that we are all eventually trying to find our purpose in life. Some take longer than others. However, a little help and a push in the right direction helps speed up the process, unfortunately millions of people do not get that opportunity. Sadly, many spend their lives doing something that is nowhere close to what they are really meant to be doing. Unfortunately, in today's world, circumstances determine what and how you eve to live your life.

We spend so much time thinking what others perceive us as that we eventually lose track of who we really are. A classroom can teach you many things life cannot. So long as you are willing to learn from everything and everyone around you. We all need genuine friends and catalysts to help us find our journey. How we respond to their advice helps speed up the process. We all need to find someone that makes us tick. In addition, never let go of them. It helps if they are of the opposite sex - only if that is your preference.

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