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Hunting and Its Benefits

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Hunting and Its benefits Specific Purpose: By the end of this speech I expect all of you to feel more informed on how regulated and legal hunting has a positive influence on wildlife, the environment and, the economy. Thesis: Regulated hunting largely has positive effects on the economy and the environment I. Imagine yourself hiking through the woods, fishing or swimming in a lake, or even just enjoying nature. Guess how it was possible to build and maintain all of those nature areas and parks. From HUNTING!!! II.

Even though I’m sure most of you aren’t hunters (maybe even a few anti-hunters), I’m more than certain most of you appreciate nature and the best places to enjoy nature are on state and national parks, lakes, streams, trails, and conservation areas. The sale of hunting licenses and equipment are responsible for a significantly large chunk of that funding and make it possible for everybody to experience the beauty of nature. III. Living in the Midwest im sure most of you are some type of outdoorsman or live within a short distance of rural area where most nature areas are and I intend to show how hunting affects those areas and the economy.

IV. I’m a lifelong outdoorsman and I’ve seen and experienced first hand how hunting has created thousands of jobs and saved and restored countless acres of wetlands, forests, and plains. V. I have three main points to discuss in this speech I. Hunting makes a large contribution to the economy II. Hunting is the single biggest funder of conservation and restoration efforts III. Regulated Hunting has a positive impact on wildlife populations The first point I’m going to discuss deals with the jobs and business hunting is responsible for. I. The sale of hunting licenses and equipment puts over 12 billion dollars in the economy annually. . On average, each hunter spends about $1896 which is 5. 5 percent of the average man’s income. b. This maintains almost 575,000 jobs which contribute even more money from income and sales tax i. About a quarter of these jobs are solely supported by hunting. ii. The 2. 4 billion dollar income tax of these jobs can cover the annual paychecks over 100000 troops. This generation of revenue also goes to support the environment for the animals pursued thrive. II. The sale of hunting licenses and equipment is also the single largest source of funding for the conservation and restoration of natural areas a.

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Hunters provide over 2 billion dollars to conservation through the sale of hunting equipment and licenses. b. Hunters are a larger source of funding than environmentalists, state grants, and animal rights organizations combined This also leads to a positive influence on the populations of wildlife III. Regulated Hunting helps keeps wildlife numbers in check and populations stable. a. Hunting prevents animal species from overpopulating i. By harvesting certain numbers of an animal every year the population does not grow beyond control ii. This also helps prevent them from moving into urban areas where they can become nuisances b.

Hunting also keeps animal populations healthy by keeping the number of animals down to what the food supply can support Overall regulated hunting is a wholesome sport that makes positive contributions to the economy and the environment I. Summary a. Hunting is a strong contributor to the economy and is vital to hundreds of thousands of jobs b. Hunting provides essential funding to help ensure that nature areas remain for future generations to enjoy c. Regulated hunting helps keep animal populations healthy and stable through responsible management and ethical sportsmen II.

These main points I have presented to you in the hopes I have left you better informed on hunting and is benefits. Bibliography "There Are 11,085 Hunters/Sportsmen Supporting Hunters Against PETA. Enter Your Name and Email to Join Our Cause. Thanks for Your Support! " Hunters Against PETA. N. p. , 01 Feb. 2009. Web. 07 Nov. 2012. <http://www. huntersagainstpeta. com/>. ConservationHunting. html. " ConservationHunting. html. N. p. , Feb. -Mar. 2007. Web. 07 Nov. 2012. <http://www. duke. edu/web/nicholas/bio217/spring2010/denardo/ConservationHunting. htm>.

Hunting and Its Benefits essay

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