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God’s Responsibility for the Fall of Man

God’s Responsibility For The Fall Of Man Within Literature, an unofficial definition for human wrongdoing has been connected to Adam and Eve’s expulsion from Eden. Their incompetence of following God’s orders, resulting in the punishment of mankind, has been thoroughly outlined within the text of the Bible. Yet are their actions truly of their own? God’s inept decision creating man within his image and His disdain leadership left human beings in a inferior position to disobey his orders, leaving him solely to blame for their ignorant actions.

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The power of leadership is a critical factor that even figures of immortal stature need to practice. God’s first mistake leading to the fall of man lies within decisions to create an entity upon the earth similar to him. “And God created the human in his image, in the image of God He created him, male and female He created them” (Simon 98). Why would someone create a figure of life within his own likeness without giving them the same amount of freedom?

Regardless of his position as the ultimate Creator, the expectations set within creating life forms with authoritative intentions similar to his own leaves God’s image as a wise leader questionable. His kind nature may have been proposed as good intentions, but the lack of decisive decision-making leaves him exposed to lacking thorough process for leadership. Another essential factor of successful leadership is to be supported by followers who believe in their leader.

Adam & Eve’s actions within the Garden of Eden are more appropriately noted as a poor lack of leadership then a story of betrayal and self-disobedience. Within chapters 1-3 of Genesis, the persuasive words of the Snake easily motivate Eve to break God’s command and strive to eat the forbidden fruit. “For God knows that on the day you eat of it your eyes will be opened and you will become as gods knowing good and evil” (Simon 99). If God’s leadership was sufficient enough, how could this even take place?

God’s insufficient leadership over his creations allowed Adam & Eve to be easily swayed by the leadership of an animal which he placed them in power to control. This is confirmed in later chapters of Genesis 6-9 where he makes the ultimate decision to dispose of all things he gave life to. “ I will wipe out the human race I created from the face of the earth, from human to cattle to crawling thing to the fowl of the heavens, for I regret that I have made them” (Simon 101).

For a leader to dispose and restart his initial intentions due to regret shows that mistakes have been made by that individual. And God’s decision to do so emulates that the fall of mankind was not of his subjects, but of his own disdain leadership skills. In conclusion, God’s poor decision making led to the evident fall of mankind. His actions were that of a leader who had well intentions, but had a poor perception of his follower’s involvement to his leadership. If he were more methodic in his decision making, he would of never regretted his choices made during the seven days of creation.