Gas Enterprise Management Admission Statement

Last Updated: 17 May 2021
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Reaching for the brightest star has always been my motto in life. This saying drives me to be more passionate about education and learning many things that concern my career advantage. I believe that everything happens for a reason and nothing is impossible for a person with enough optimism and hard work. I wish to pursue a degree in MSC Oil and Gas Enterprise at (insert name of university here). Being enrolled in the said program will allow me to expand my horizons and give me a more successful future. My name is (insert your name here) and I am an MBA holder of International Business with a B. A. degree in Business Administration.

I am honest enough that I do not have adequate background when it comes to Oil and Gas Enterprise but I was encouraged by the dean of the school to apply on the said program. I am convinced by the fact that after having the said degree, I will be more competent enough to succeed in life because I have another degree that came from a reputable institution. The MSC in Oil and Gas Enterprise Management Programme is best offered by (insert name of university here) because it has wide array of academic resources which I can utilize as I study more about geophysics, geology, engineering and the latest in science and technology.

Professors who are experts on the said field will share their insights to promising students like me when it comes to achieving negotiation, environmental science, engineering and entrepreneurial skills. Managing something that has connection with Oil and Gas enterprise will not be easy but I am confident that the knowledge I will gain in this programme will make me well equipped in the future. The oil industry covers broad topic which are not limited to energy resources, energy ministries and determining the possible techniques to make it more progressive.

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Having enough knowledge on how to deal with other National Oil Companies will also be taught on the MSC Oil and Gas Enterprise Management program. Exploring the connection of this field with commercialization, law and economics are also vital because it will pave way for a successful recovery in terms of hydrocarbon exploration. The course program entitles me to more professional training which I can use in seeking more skills and knowledge and at the same time increases my qualifications. Through the MSc in oil & Gas enterprise Management program I will gain more understanding about the business development in the industry of oil and gas.

In addition to this, my analytical skills will be improved and my empirical and conceptual knowledge about this field. It also includes various modules that has latest geology features, engineering and geophysical disciplines that will aid me in my future career. Having the adept knowledge in entrepreneurship will give me more advantage because I can close business deals and gain personal and professional advancements. Skills are rest assured to be improved when it comes to accountancy, environmental science, petroleum economics, presentation and negotiation

Greater emphasis is given on how the said skills and knowledge can be applied on actual management. Having the practical application and sufficient training will allow me to explore more areas and techniques in MSc in oil & Gas enterprise Management. Having said all these things that I can acquire from the program, I believe that in order to make learning possible is through my way of understanding and gaining the right knowledge. I will participate more during lectures and discussions so that I can grasp the knowledge given by professors.

As a student, I can say that my passion and hard work will make me persevere in every subject. I am also enthusiastic when it comes to gaining knowledge because I used to do self study even at home. This will ensure that I am reviewing the lessons we had in class and be more equipped for the next day’s discussion. Every hardship I will experience in education will surely pay off because I will land with good career opportunities upon graduation. After the education at (insert name of university here), I believe that there are more career opportunities that lies ahead of me.

Being an outstanding student does not end after graduation. It should be continued in the portals of future companies that I will work for. My optimism made me consider every challenge as vital for individual’s growth. I also possess a flexible personality that allows me to deal with every people from all walks of life. Flexibility is important in this field because you will meet new acquaintances that will help propagate your career and business. I believe that my personal, academic and professional experience can also be utilized during class discussions.

Since I hold a degree in Business Administration, I can participate during class discussion and share what I have when it come to business handling and entrepreneur. My MBA degree in International Business is another advantage on my part because I can connect the said degree to MSc in oil & Gas enterprise Management in such a way that will include the international market. It is good to cite examples during classroom discussions because it means that you are directly applying what you have learned from school. It also eliminates bad practices and can seek for better alternatives that will improve the employee’s performance.

My personal and professional academic experiences have shaped my career goals for the future because I already foresee myself in the profession that I always dreamt of. I see myself working as a successful (insert name of ambition here). My confidence is also at its best because I was able to succeed in my previous educational degrees and I look forward to my future with more career opportunities at hand. I am armed with the right knowledge and experiences plus the MSc in oil & Gas enterprise Management degree that I will be receiving in the future.

Nothing will interfere with my success because I am driven with the right passion to survive. Everything that I aim will be use for the benefit of other people and I believe that it is through service and commitment that a man achieves fulfillment. My future goals will be made possible by the MSc in oil & Gas enterprise Management program because I will learn more things aside from the ones I’ve learned from college and from my MBA in International Business degree. Everything that a man wishes to happen comes at the right time and with a great purpose.

I believe that this is the perfect time for me to make all my dreams a reality come true. I am rest assured by the vision of this program and I will do my best to grasp every lessons taught in class. After this program I will be a promising professional who is ready to compete globally. After all that has been said and done, I look forward to the many days of studying at (insert name of university here). Being enrolled in the MSc in oil & Gas enterprise Management program is a privilege for me because I will be completing a degree in an institution that recruits only the best and finest students.

In am willing to take all the risk in this field because I am confident about my skills and abilities. I have the right mindset to complete my goals. I realized that every day spent is important may it be personally or academically. I should learn to give ways to others and render the best service right after graduation. My quest for education will not stop after I graduated, I will find ways of sharing what I have learned to others and contribute for the benefit of the society. By doing so, I would be able to show the world that nothing is impossible when a person puts dedication, heart and soul in everything we do.

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