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1.0. Introduction

The aim of this guide is to assist in selecting a finance dissertation topic and to provide practical advice on how to go about writing a dissertation. Finance dissertations incorporate numerous topics covering various aspects of financial management issues. Typically, writing a finance dissertation involves questions such as how to report the features of the design and how to adequately report research results. Consequently, the latter part of the guide serves as a handy reference source to navigate the writer through the process.

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2.0. Categories and dissertation titles

2.1. Corporate Finance

2.1.1. An assessment of capital structure and corporate governance. Are differences in banking capital structure traceable to differences in quality of corporate governance in banks?

2.1.2. Integrating options theory in capital budgeting for innovation management. A case study of the oil and gas industry

2.1.3. An assessment of mergers and acquisitions in the Indian pharmaceutical industry. A focus on consolidation process and firm performance

2.1.4. An evaluation of risk management and corporate strategy in low budget airlines. A case study of Easyjet

2.1.4. Examining the impact of taxes on dividend policy. A study of the Ghanaian banking industry

2.2. Investment and Portfolio Management

2.2.1. An assessment of strategic portfolio management for analysing and improving overall asset value. A case study of the petroleum industry

2.2.2. Investigating term structure of volatility in the stock market of developing countries. A case study of Nigeria

2.2.3. A study of Management techniques for exchange rate exposure. Exchange rate risks through hedging from the perspective of UK-based investors investing in the USA.

2.2.4. Using the Capital Asset Pricing Model for performance evaluation in portfolio management. Analysing market microstructure effects on modelling Russian stock returns

2.2.5. A study of mean-variance portfolio theory: An assessment of Barclays international banking

2.3. International Financial Management

2.3.1. Measuring International financial management and profitability of SMEs in South Korea. A quantitative study

2.3.2. An analysis of foreign exchange rate management in multinational corporations: Foreign exchange rate management by the Japanese automotive industry

2.3.3. Assessing firm methods of determining the effectiveness of managing operational and economic risk. A case study of international Swiss banking

2.3.4. An analysis of the role of culture in effective operational risk management. A case study of the South African financial sector

2.3.5. Examining determinants of profitability in the European banking sector: A study of financial regulation and ownership issues

2.4. Business Continuity and Crisis Management

2.4.1. An evaluation of strategic contingency planning models for emergency management and business continuity in the UK banking sector

2.4.2. An examination of the 1997 Asian financial crisis and restructuring measures implemented by Singaporean business groups for future crisis management

2.4.3. An analysis of financial planning and budgeting for natural disasters. A study of hurricane prone states in the USA

2.4.4. A study of banking governance failures of the 2008 financial crisis in the UK and USA. An empirical study of lessons from the crisis

2.4.5. A study of shareholder perspective on business continuity and crisis management. Shareholder response to the 2008 financial crisis

2.5. Financial Planning and control

2.5.1. An evaluation of the benefits and problems associated with traditional budgeting in the UK manufacturing industry. A critical review of the literature

2.5.2. An analysis of financial planning and control in the airline industry. A case study of Emirates and Air France

2.5.3. A study of budgeting as a control tool in Nigerian SMEs. A quantitative study

2.5.4. An analysis of budgetary control and organisational culture on organisational performance. A case of study IT projects in the UK e-commerce industry

2.5.5. Evaluating financial planning control effectiveness in multinational corporations. A case study Coca cola

3. How to Structure a Finance Dissertation, Tips

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