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Follow your Dreams

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Most important factor in anyone's life. If you really want to fulfill your dreams then surround yourself with positive successful people who believe in your dreams. Common fact, whatever we get for an intake, we try to make our self regarding an environment. Some of us can be think totally out of the box but what about others? This thing would happen with most of us. It is very important to know that What is our aim, What is our values in our own life because we mostly tried to listen random options from others.

Lets give you my own example. When I turned 25, There is something make me think what I actually want in my life and why I am here as a Human. Being human is much better than human being. To earn a handsome salary is the only motto of my Life... (laugh) My aim was constantly blow regarding an outer Winds. Sometimes it works, many times it doesn't. But one day, I remember very clearly I found something special which really turns my whole entire life. It was not a Special Quote or big counseling it was Just a 'Broacher' for Mass Communication

College in Pune. But many hesitations came across in my mind. It seems so many hurdles like how would I get enroll in that college. Is my choose is right or not blaa, blaa.. But one thing was very clear and that is whatever hilarious situation may be came across my way.. but I will never ever see back again. I made something so clear that" Writing" is the only thing which I Born for!! Then What BINGO!! Days were passed and today is the day where you all reading my penning, my own sketched career.

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While having walk in my desirable career I get some auspicious persons whose suggestions, attentions, even scolding words made my skills so stronger. It is been said that if you aim for nothing, you will hit it every time. Have something to aim for, a dream that you hold close dream is not Just mean to fulfill your dream. Joseph Murphy penned down a beautiful quotes in his world famous book 'The unconscious mind' that everyone get what they actually want, Just need to be transfer it in your nconscious mind that you are fulfilling everything what you exactly want.

Everyone must think at once, Who you are and what you actually want? No matters whether you want to become Chef, Artists, Manager or even Writer. Simplify and identify your own way and go for a walk in your own path. Believe in yourself. Try to be an optimist in every sovereign situations. Try to introduce yourself a more powerful individual in this small Cosmos. Be like a Labor . And show your liability our laborite that you are not Just something but you are everything in your life.

I Choose to live by choice not by chance, to make changes not excuses, to be motivated not manipulated, to be useful not used, to be excel not compete, I choose self- esteem not self pity, I choose to listen my inner voice, not the random options for others. And the bottom line is We are only responsible for our own Happiness. So go and get ready to make your own master piece because today is a perfect day to start living your dreams. Dreams don't work unless you do. Best Luck!!!!! Follow your Dreams By monicanagdeote

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