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Fighting for Hunger

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In this topic, we will see how Filipinos fighting for their hunger. We can see that there are so many people who starve to death, and the government didn't do anything about this problem.

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Fighting for Hunger

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. There are many Filipinos who begging for food for them to live.

My opinion here is we should help the others, if we help the others we can save a life. Starvation is not a joke we we're talking about million lives here. The government should take an action to this issue. There are so many cases that people die because of the hunger or starvation, they die because they can't do anything to stop their hunger, they just wait for someone to give them a food.

So my opinion here is let's stop this problem now let's push the government to do something in this problem. If they can't do anything then let's encourage other people to help the people who's in need. If the government can't help them, I guess it's time to help the other people for them to have a longer life.

The main problem here is the government didn't do anything to solve this problem. Many Filipinos died because of hunger or you can call it starvation. The rate of starvation in our country is increasing every year and every year the number of deaths in our country is increasing as well, it is all because of the starvation.

I guess we are all aware that our country is rich in street people or you can call it as a homeless people, they are the one who experienced this problem, they can't do anything because they don't have any job or any money to buy their foods. We can help the by giving them a food or at least a small amount of money. In this way, we can help the others in a simple way. The problem here is why the government didn't do anything to solve this problem, they didn't do anything to save the others life.

The fact that the government didn't do anything, we should help the one who's in need. If we have extra food or extra money we should give it to the people who can't afford to buy foods. We can always start a feeding program for the hungry people. I think there are many feeding program in our country.In this way we can help others, we can save the others by giving them a food or a money.

There are many ways to help the people who's in need. If the government can't take any action to this then I guess it's time for us to make a move. We can help by starting a feeding program, giving a small amount of food and money to the people who's in need. We can help others in a small way if we want to I think it's time to help and care for the other people

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