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Female and Camille Paglia Men

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In the article Rape: A Bigger Danger than Feminists Know by Camille Paglia talks about how rape cannot be tolerated in a society and how feminism has put young women in danger by hiding the truth about sex from them. Although rape has been a problem for women for a long time, there was a time where the penalty for rape was death. However in the article Rape: A Bigger Danger than Feminist Know by Camille Paglia states “In our cities, on our campuses far from home, young women are vulnerable and defenseless”. Camille Paglia insists that feminism states that both sexes are equal nd tells women they can act, and dress any way they want. However Camille Paglia argues “No, they can’t and women will always be in sexual danger” (Camille Paglia, pg 40). As we will all know there are sexual differences that are based in biology, but according to academic feminism men and women are equal. Although Camille Paglia states that academic feminism is lost in a fog of social constructionism. She believes that college man are their hormonal peak and that a drunk girl at a part with them is setting herself for failure and will possibly be raped.

According to Camille Paglia men and women are different because for example one of Camille Paglia make students recently slept overnight at a Great Pyramid in Egypt. The student described the moon, and sand, etc. Camille Paglia points out that because she is a woman, she would never get to experience that because it is to dangerous. Camille Paglia can possibly get robed, raped, murdered, and many other possible horrible things. Camille Paglia goes on to talk about how sexual desire and arousal cannot be fully translated into verbal terms.

She believed that sometimes men and women tend to misunderstand each other. For example sometimes when a male and a female are alone and they kiss, the female might just want to kiss and the male may misunderstand that thinking that she wants to have sex. These types of situation sometimes lead to rape unfortunately. According to Camille Paglia rape is a big danger and woman need to know the precautions the can take to be safer. Camille Paglia makes it clear for woman not to blow off a vulgar remark directed towards them.

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Camille Paglia stated that if a male student makes a vulgar remark about a female students breast, that the female student should deal with it on the spot Camille Paglia states to respond with the situation by saying “Shut up, you jerk! ” She believes this is the best way to deal with it instead of running to your mom and dad or some campus grievance committee. Camille Paglia believes that female students that stick up for themselves are the students that are harassed less often. Currently there are many rapes that happen all over the world, however according o Camille Paglia there are two solutions. Camille Paglia claims that female self- awareness and self-control. Basically for example a woman’s number-one line of defense against rape is herself. If females educate themselves to help avoid, bad situations leading to rape, this will in turn reduce the percentage of rapes. She believes reporting rapes to College Committees would do a woman injustice. Camille Paglia explains that woman should report their rapes to the police instead of College committees who are not equipped or trained

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