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Family Traditions

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I always know it is Thanksgiving morning when I awake to the smell of the turkey roasting in the oven and the cinnamon apple spice tea brewing on the stove. The rest of the morning is spent helping my mom and grandmother cooking in our large open kitchen. Every year for as long as I can remember, my grandmother uses my Nana’s recipes when cooking the thick butter garlic mashed potatoes, homemade sweet red cranberry sauce, and the rich creamy dark gravy. On the other hand, my mom and I always cook the French green beans, sausage and bread stuffing, and also our homemade pumpkin pie together.

While the women spend most of the early afternoon in the kitchen getting things ready, the men normally gather in the living room and watch sports or play a board game on the coffee table. It is a rule in our house that no man is allowed in the kitchen while we are cooking unless he is coming to help with dishes; otherwise the men eat all the food as it is being prepared. Thanksgiving is a day where my entire family can get together and enjoy excellent food as well as each other’s company.

My father who lives in the beautiful Birmingham, Alabama drives down every year the day before Thanksgiving and stays with us throughout the weekend. He always brings the finest fresh sweet tea and homemade peach cobbler you can find in Alabama which are essential to our Thanksgiving meal. However, my maternal grandparents drive down from Memphis, Tennessee and bring along with them a small present for each of the kids; which include my two brothers, Jonathan and Harrison, and my sister Allies.

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Family Traditions

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Even though this is a day for my family to spend time together, we have always welcomed anyone without a place to go or family to be with to spend it with us as well. Some of the past years we have had neighbors join us and also friends of the children. After we all eat we go outside and plays tackle football. I and my dad are usually the captains. I’ve won the past couple years due to the fact of young age. Some games get to intense due to the fact that my cousin has broken a wrist for being so soft.

Playing football has to be my favorite because I love sports and beating my cousin who hates losing to me because everyone thinks I’m a better athlete. I also love beating my little brother. Next we watch the football that is always on ESPN. My uncle is a huge football fan so he is always looking to take bets. One year I bet my uncle 20 pushups the Detroit Lions would lose and of course I won the bet and my uncle had to twenty pushups but he only did like ten due to the fact that he is badly out of shape. I love my family holidays and my family traditions.

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