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Explain to the Board of Director

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Explain to the board of director how he or she could use the talent management approach to improve his or her company's performance? A talented work force is an employer's most valuable asset. The talent, skills and contributions your employees bring to the workplace can make or break your organization. Company productivity and profitability depend almost solely on your work force. Therefore, retaining talent is extremely important to executive leadership and human resources departments. Activities related to talent retention are sometimes referred to as part of the talent management process.

Some employers combine recruitment, selection and talent retention to achieve talent management goals:- 1 Identify your organization's most talented workers. Employees with exceptional work skills, aptitude, interpersonal skills and desire for success are generally referred to as the most talented; however, employees who lack one of these attributes or need improvement in another area should not be ruled out. Talented employees also demonstrate traits such as high motivation, initiative and discipline.

They are the ones who seek additional responsibility and have performance appraisals to prove they are dedicated to helping your company achieve success. 2 Review the performance evaluations of your most talented employees. Determine their strengths and areas for improvement; use this information to draft the outline for a discussion about the employee's career aspirations. Don't be discouraged if your meeting with the employee reveals career aspirations in another field. Taking the time to discuss this topic sends the message that the employee is a valued contributor.

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One of the reasons employees often cite for leaving a company is that they feel the company overlooks their contributions or doesn't acknowledge their opinions. 3 Conduct a needs assessment to determine the training and development necessary to retain employees with the most promise. Include an assessment to determine training for employees who demonstrate aptitude as well. Consider conducting focus groups with supervisors, managers and executive leadership to determine the best way to keep talented employees satisfied and challenged. Review the job descriptions, duties and responsibilities of employees whom you've identified as the most talented. Re-read performance evaluations for professional goals of these employees and compare them to their current duties. If they don't match very well, consider revising job duties or assigning more challenging work to keep them motivated. Talented employees who are dissatisfied with their current responsibilities look for opportunities elsewhere.

You can prevent their departure by offering opportunities that further develop their skills and prepare them for future roles within the company through human resources strategy and succession planning. 5 Recognize your talented employees with letters of commendation, tokens of appreciation or coveted roles within the organization. Employers can retain talent through very simple actions that demonstrate their appreciation for hard workers. Human resources best practices suggest recognition and, in some cases, employee rewards increase motivation and improve retention of talented employees.

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