Examining Hydrogen Fuel Cells Environmental Sciences Essay

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Hydrogen fuel cells are potentially the energy beginning of the hereafter. Due to its efficiency and low pollution H fuel cells are far better than conventional gasoline engines. With increasing gasoline monetary values and pressing environmental issues, a new feasible energy beginning is required such as the H fuel cell. A fuel cell is an electrochemical device that produces current by the transition of H and O into H2O. The first fuel cell was invented in 1839 by Sir William Grove. Fuel cells operate in a similar model to a battery nevertheless they will continually bring forth heat and electricity if fuel is supplied. Fuel cells run on H. Hydrogen is the most common and simplistic gas. It is exceptionally light and produces the highest sum of energy per unit of weight of 52000. Electrons are conducted back from the external circuit to the accelerator where the H and O recombine to organize H2O. A proton exchange membrane is an electrolyte. If a polymer exchange membrane is used this must be hydrated to stay stable functionality.

The two most promising fuel cells are the polymer exchange membrane fuel cell ( PEMFC ) and the solid oxide fuel cell. The PEM fuel cell is used for transit such as in powering vehicles. This fuel cell has a low operating temperature signifier. Cand a high operating denseness. The solid oxide fuel cells operate at really high temperatures of 700-1000. This cell will be used in big scale power coevals such as in mills. One of the primary advantages of the H fuel cells is low emanations.  Gasoline-powered autos emit pollutants such as SO2 and NO. Fuel cells rely on chemical science and non on burning which reduces emanations. The lone gas released is H2O vapor. This reduces air pollution and combats planetary heating. Hydrogen fuel cells are besides really effectual as they have the ability to convert fuel to energy from the minute of coevals. This eradicates multiple stairs and additions efficiency. If pure H is used the H fuel cell can be 65 % efficient. If impure H utilized a reformist is required to alter the hydrocarbon into H which lowers the efficiency degree, nevertheless it is still far greater ( up to three times ) than a gasoline engine.  In add-on to this H, fuel cells achieve the letter writer of 65 stat miles to the gallon doing them a feasible energy beginning.  The dependability of an H fuel cell is a major advantage. Whereas burning engines, such as gasoline engines, have many traveling parts that require care, the fuel cell has really few. This will cut down care costs and increase dependability. In add-on to this, a fuel cell will non travel dead ( as batteries do ) if there is a changeless flow of chemicals into the cell. Although ab initio production costs would be high for H fuel cells this will diminish and mass production costs will go low because of the simple building of the cell.

Equally good as this the H fuel cell is safe. Unlike gasoline, H will non do environmental jeopardies such as spillages. Similar to petrol H will fire when lit nevertheless it merely becomes explosive when stored up in an enclosed country, which is improbable as H disperses easy. This makes H fuel cells a safe option. Hydrogen can be produced from coal, natural gas, and oil. Since these militias are being depleted it is a great advantage that H for the fuel cells can be produced from biomass, sunshine, and H2O. There are many beginnings of H on Earth. Hydrogen is found combined with other elements, chiefly C and O. Like all fuels and signifiers of energy H fuel cells have their disadvantages. One of the largest disadvantages of H fuel cells is that presently they are really expensive. Many of the constituents that make up an H fuel cell such as the Pt accelerator and proton exchange membrane are dearly-won.  This would hold to diminish mostly to be economically feasible. Once this has decreased, for illustration by utilizing an alternate accelerator, mass production costs will diminish.  The production costs of H pose a disadvantage. Most H comes from coal, natural gas, and oil. The pollution caused by the production of H from these resources is similar to the sum of that of gasoline engines. Hydrogen can be produced by sunshine and air current to power electrolysis which does non make any pollution nevertheless this is excessively expensive to use extensively.

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Another job with H fuel cells arise with storage. Due to the fact that H is such a light gas and disperses easily it is really hard to hive away a big sum in a confined country. The challenge posed is for applied scientists to fit the 300-mile vehicle scope. However this is nonimpossible as it has been done in some recent vehicles. Research workers are besides coming up with new ways of the hive away the H such as the usage of H armored combat vehicles and metal loan blends. For H fuel cells to go feasible a PEMFC membrane must be developed that can run in high temperatures. PEMFC membranes are hydrated to reassign H protons nevertheless at temperatures greater than the hydration is lost. These high temperatures are of import as the fuel cell will hold an increased tolerance to dross. Fuel cells must stay stable were every bit presently when the vehicle is turned on or off or temperatures are high the membrane tends to degrade.  Further research is required to battle this. In add-on to this exchanging to hydrogen fuel would necessitate an accommodation of substructure where H fuel Stations, grapevines, and distribution channels are required. This is possible nevertheless it will take many old ages and money to construct. Like all fuels, hydrogen fuel cells do hold disadvantages nevertheless many of these can be combated with farther research and over clip. Presently hydrogen fuel cells are the non feasible beginning of energy nevertheless due to their low emanations, high efficiency, and many other advantages they have the possibility to in the hereafter go a feasible energy beginning that is more effectual than gasoline engines.

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