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Events Industry an Introduction

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This report is part of my HAND Events Management Course. 1- Definition of events- Give a full definition of the term 'events'; giving one definition that incorporates an expert's opinion.. (Also give your own definition of events and relate it to an event you know of or have been to)- Donald Get states "An event can be a planned social or public event organized by a group of people who share a common interest. " In other words, it's "An opportunity for leisure, social or cultural experiences outside of the normal range of choices or beyond everyday experience". 2- Types of events and components-

A mega event means that it has a fixed number of a million, it's a large-scale event aimed at a large global audience, London 2012 Olympics are a perfect example. Components of London 2012 are Primarily Online ticket sales as many spectators were from outside of the I-J. The games would not have been possible without the huge help from volunteers coming from all over London, helping steward spectators & more. The Olympics is host to thousands of professional athletes from all over the world, all representing their home country in their chosen sport whether it be in the LOL, track or field.

The Olympics is often remembered for it's breath taking opening and closing ceremonies, often attempting to break world records as well as attract as many big name celebrities as they can. Whereas a hallmark event is specifically a cultural or sporting event, with it's main goal being to bring tourism and awareness to the host destination. The Edinburgh Fringe Festival is characterized as hallmark event. You would expect to see all sorts of performers from all over the globe, including actors, musicians, singers, Events Industry an Introduction FWIW

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By biblical predominantly online however box office tickets often go for higher prices due to the accessibility and their central location. Security and steward numbers will be at an all time high in the city centre due to the large increase of tourists, fringe acts and general busyness. The amount of visual promotion throughout the city increases as banners, flyers, posters and stickers are decorating the town trying to promote their show. Student promoters are situated throughout all of the busiest areas in attempt to sell tickets to their chosen show. On the other hand

Events Industry an Introduction essay

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