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What Extend Was the Religious Settlement of Elizabeth’s Own?

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October 13th Morta Ramoskaite Y12 History. Homework. Essay. To what extend was the Religious settlement of Elizabeth’s own choosing? There, in Britain, were many changes which occurred in religion between 1558 and 1629. These changes happened because of famous Britain queen Elizabeth the 1st . This Queen was born to be a Protestant all her life. So, this is because all the Catholics were against her. She had to think a lot how to do that the Protestants and the Catholics could live together in one country and be friendly to each other.

All these events did that Elizabeth made new Religious settlement such as rules for the English Protestants and Catholic and also she was pushed to do some settlements for instance because of difficult 1st passage suggesting the 2nd settlement was a compromise. But, I think that extend the Religious settlement was Elizabeth’s own choosing because she was a Protestant, the Catholics were against her and she wanted to be sure that nobody will not make troubles in her career as a queen. First of all, the most important thing was that she was born in a Protestant family.

Her father – Henry VIII king of England had six wives, it was illegal in Catholic Church. Elizabeth was his and Anne Boleyn child. Anne was the third wife of Henry VIII they had not had mirage in Catholic Church. So she was a Protestant since she born. This was the main problem in her life like a queen. She made a lot of new settlements in period 1558 – 1629. She made that in her county would be two religions. Also, because she was a Protestant all of Protestants were for her so she was not afraid of them. So, this the reason she helped for them.

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For example, Protestants had two prayer books written by Edward. One was written in 1549 and another in 1552. In these books communion prayer is said twice: ‘’In memory’’; ’’This is the body’’. In the same way Protestants had only English hymns not Latin and the word of god was English. Elizabeth also change that Protestant got new communion tables and alter were replacing with them. The most important thing for her was Church’s and priest’s image. One of her settlement is saying that walls in Protestant Churches have to white wacked, and windows have to be from plain glass not from colorful.

Priests had to wear Vestments. However, she did not let them married so they were still in celibates. All these settlements let for Protestants think that they are better than Catholics because they had more freedom. So, Catholic Church was really angry on Elizabeth. But she made this because she was Protestant and it was better for her that Protestants took better position than Catholics. Protestants protected her from ‘’war’’ with Catholic Church. I think that it was good choice because with these settlements she made new country which was better and more loyal for her like a queen.

However, Queen Elizabeth the 1st did not forget the Catholic Church and changed some roles for them too. I think that the main reason why she created new settlements for the Church of Catholics was that all Catholics were against her. They could not understood you the Queen of England can be Protestant, they wanted new king or queen. So, this was the sign that Elizabeth has to do something with them. She made new roles like that, that the Catholics had to be happy that they are not presented (‘’ Won’t make windows into men souls’’).

She banned some of the Catholic’s practices for example, some of the sacraments were banned, relics, fake miracles, even candles were banned. I think that she hated Catholics because of them not loyal thinking about her. But she tried to find a compromise with them so this is because she let still have fundamentally in transubstantiation, and clerical vestments – celebrate priests. On the other hand, she agreed with Hierarchy of Catholic Church that the queen is in the top of hierarchy.

So, I think that all these new settlements for the Catholic Church was her own choosing, because she tried to make all England loyal for her but not against her. In my opinion these roles were good for Catholic Church because without it I think now England would have really strong Catholic Church life, but because of Elizabeth and because of some events, which were happened in her life’s time like a queen, we have Anglicans in England not Christians. Finally, I think that Elizabeth’s settlements were really clever and this is because she was thinking all the time how to find the best choice.

Although she was a Protestant Queen all her time of changing the settlements she was thinking not only about the Protestants but also she was thinking about the Catholics. As we know she was trying to find the best suggest for both of Religions. She was really very careful when she was trying to find a balance between two of different Religions that these two Religions could live together in one country without fights, and in country which has one queen and all of this country citizens would be loyal and good for them queen.

It was the hardest thing in her live and also it was like a goal in all her queen’s life. However, in these settlements and rules was some kind of things that were understood only by queen nobody could not understood what she wanted to say with this settlement. Some of the settlements shows that they are in a control by queen and did not matter how they look like she was happy with that and she really did not want to change it. For example it can be that Vestments were controversy in period of year 1564- 1566.

Also, she had opportunity to say for the Protestants when they can go to Jaw Christians. So, she was really queen inside her body because she was doing everything that all country would be in her hands. To sum up, I think that these changes of Religions settlement in England was Elizabeth’s the 1st own choosing. Because of herself . As we know she was a Protestant so she made for the Protestant’s Church more better settlements that for the Catholic’s Church. So, we can say that she tried to make her career as a queen the best as it possible and it worked.

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