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Empress Theodora Eulogy

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Then our beloved Empress rose in political power and married Emperor Justinian. Some people called our Empress lazy and a burden, but she wasn't close to that. She was the empress hat defended and protected our nation, and influenced Emperor Justinian into keep Our nation during the Nick Revolt! She was the empress who wouldn't leave her purple and her people no matter what! She is the empress who would be the role model for future empresses!

Now that our Empress has deceased she will still be respected and will be learned about for generations to come. Also, we can't forget our Empress's accomplishments during her years in power. Firstly, she has given women more rights than any other civilization. She gave women the power to own land and she allowed owed women to take income from land to pay for children needs. She also has influenced our Emperor to stay during the Nick Revolt, and take care of our Empire.

Lastly, our Empress had laws expanded to protect the Neophytes, and prostitutes so they could start their lives anew. Monopolistic was a form of Christianity that believed that women should have more rights. Our Empress was the most important out of other empresses due to her influence and her outstanding accomplishments. In all, our Empress has accomplished more than any other empress achieved and without Empress Theodore the Byzantine Empire would have fallen long ago.

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Empress Theodora Eulogy essay

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