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Embalmers: Embalming and Early Egyptian Eras

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After we die our souls are taken to either Heaven or Hell, but what happens with our bodies left on earth? For those who did and did not take good care of it, the embalmers are the one who brings the “dead back to life”, when I say this I mean the body not our actual spirit. Embalming can be defined as preserving of the body for burial; it has been around for centuries and can be dated back to early Egyptian eras. Embalmers are highly trained professionals that perform this repulsive yet phenomenal task.

To become an embalmer you are required to have the following knowledge: chemistry, Customer and Personal Service, Biology, English Language, Law and Government, education and training, psychology, and Administration and Management. For skill level you need to know service orientation, active listening, knowing how to speak to others, coordination, science, reading comprehension, social perceptiveness, instructing, time management, and critical thinking. Most important thing a person needs to become an embalmer is a high school diploma.

Four plus years in college, training in mortuary science, and a license in the state you are trying to become an embalmer. Life of an embalmer is very different from anyone that works with people because their clients are dead. They are hired by funeral directors and work in complete isolation. Many myths are said that most embalmers are socially inclined because of their morbid job, but that is highly untrue.

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Embalming is a long process, its start with the pre-embalming this is where this is where the embalmer makes note of any jewelry, discoloration, scars, bruises, etc. n the body if any catheters or clothing is on the body it is also removed. After this is done the embalmer washes the body down with a germicidal soap, killing any germs, and then relaxes the muscles because of rigor mortis and shaves the body because of peach fuzz will mess up any makeup. The second stage is feature setting, this is where the embalmer starts putting the body in the position that they are going to place in the casket.

Cotton is placed between the eyes and eyelids to keep the eye ball from slipping down in socket. Next, the jaw is closed by a suture gun, a curved needle that is injected through the gums of the upper jaw into the nostril and then tied. Third is the arterial embalming this is where embalming fluid is injected into the artery while the blood is being drained from the heart and veins. This takes up to two galloons of usually a mixture of formaldehyde or other chemical and water!

Once this is through the arterial and jugular vein is removed. Almost done, next we need to go through cavity embalming, to me this is most important because all the stuff that lies within the organs most be drained or they will find another escape (and it would be a sad sight to see that during a funeral) so all fluid from left over organs are suctioned out this is done with a trocar. Last is post-embalming, the embalmer does another full wash and hair and makeup are done to give the life-like appearance again.

Seems like a lot, but the job keeps the family happy and money in their pocket that is the job look stays increasing (mostly because people die every day and embalmers retire) it is said to have the highest growth population in jobs. The first year through the fourth the average salary is $24,134 to $40,828, and those embalmers with 5 to 9 years’ experience earn average annual salaries between $36,115 and $49,579. Its good pay but if you’re the easily squeamish type it’s definitely not for you. Without embalmers there would be a lot of problems when it came time to funerals. This job is very well exciting and keeps you busy.

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