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Egamova transfigered night

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The time of first World War, a young enthusiastic man enlists as a volunteer gunner in the artillery as he has reached an impasse and sees war as a remedy. In a bar he comes across his fellow soldier, a surgeon lieutenant for whom war is an impasse, as he is trying to avoid sober realization of detrimental consequences of his civic duty by getting drunk. A lot of problems can be observed in the passage, but the most evident and tricking one is the irretrievable effect the brutality and gore of the war produces on human psychic, which comes as a quite contradictory fact since the narrator presumes that the war saved his life.

To provide a profound feeling of that horrible days routine life the author inflates his text with parallel constructions, simple sentences and abundant use of lexical units representing negative connotation; these are (morbid despair, impasse, ferocious concentration, detest, etc. ) so it becomes clear that a war is by no means a remedy which the narrator was so desperately trying to find.

What is more, when analyzing George's discourse a reader realizes the ambiguous nature of a war as his character is quite dual - despite all the redundancy of negative description of his appearance (ill-looking, ugly, fairly drunk, hunched over) and the absolute hopelessness in his talk (l want to go somewhere cold and dark, God preserve me from sanity) George still possessed of sinners energy which indicates to the fact that he has something background to fight or and that gives him this very kind of energy to overcome all the harsher, brutality and intoxication of that odious war.

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In the light of all this, any reader must not be influenced only by the superficial sense of the text, but go deeper to reveal the genuine authors message, inasmuch as any war is not merely a succession of human dying but also a glorious ground of evoking patriotism and marvelous bases for tear-jerking love stories.

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