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Effective Leadership

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According to leadership theories and approaches, a given type of a leader is identified mainly by the personality of the individual which is displayed by core traits and personal qualities. The combination of traits and personal qualities gain trust of the people and this increases their commitment in undertaking the major task which is facing the organization. Charismatic type of leader is best applicable in a military organization. This type of a leader is of good reputation beside his/her tested capacities and experiences.

The followers have confidence in this leader because of his/her heroic abilities and powers to overcome emerging crisis and obstacles in the organization (Hill, 2007). A charismatic leader has a passion, confidence and exceptional ability to persuade and sway the people in the military service. This kind of leaders rely more on personal and inspirational power resources than official position or authority. Charismatic leaders have certain traits and characteristics that enable them to be effective in the organization.

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Effective Leadership

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They have self-confident, strong convictions, high energy and enthusiasm. This enables them to inspire fascination and loyalty among the followers. Charismatic leaders are proficient at communication and they have a strong vision which enhances their ability to manipulate symbols of power and creation emotional liking for the workers. Charismatic leaders have a positive joyful approach to life, genuine and clear understanding for others and this encourages the employees in the military organization to work towards achieving its goals.

Charismatic leaders have the right talent and they can easily accelerate the growth and development of the organization (Hill, 2007). The leaders provide the employees with a focus and appropriate levels of support, appreciation and involvement in making strategic decisions. As a result of employee’s participation in the organization’s activities they follow the leader’s vision and goals and this leads to development of the organization. References Hill, L. A. (2007). Becoming the Boss. Harvard Business Review, p. 49-56

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