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Economic world market

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The effects of globalization on the world market, as is partly described in the PBS series Commanding Heights, is largely positive for the economics of humanity. Poorer peoples from more impoverished areas of the world truly benefit financially, socially, and politically from free trade practices, as do companies who search for opportunity and labor in these more economically remote areas.

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Economic world market

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. No doubt it can be hard to shift in the ever changing world. Companies shift, change, collapse, reform, die, and are born, and with these financial and economical waves can come tension, confusion, and social and political unrest.

However, this unrest should not be viewed mostly negatively. In order for modern companies to emerge stronger than ever, political battles must be fought, employees must be hired and fired, and new ground must be broken to shore up the modern economic world market across the planet. This modern world crosses national borders and even transcends them, linking people of all faces and races together in the journey toward finding a balanced, flexible, and working economic system. The negative side of globalization has to be considered rationally.

If there were no turmoil, life would be bland, motionless. There has to be change in order for companies to emerge vibrantly, and, importantly, with this economic vibrance very often comes positive social and political change. Workers have to be flexible in their work expectations, just as workers have to flexible in the worldwide, not just nationwide, pay strata. While the gap between financially rich and poor is often unnecessarily wide, it is also common that the wealthier peoples are often centered in wealthier regions, in wealthier nations.

All too often, the people who have had a lot for a long time don’t pause to think of how their economic, social, and political inaction in other parts of the world lends to world poverty. The economy of tomorrow isn’t about winners and losers, isn’t about rich and poor, it’s not about pitting people against one another, rather it’s about a worldwide economic system which is authentically sustainable for all human life.

Moving companies across the planet and doing business with neighbors is going to include elements of strife and upheaval, revolutions and battles, however, the end result will be a global home of people who have linked across borders, who have broken down walls, and who have figured out the motion of successful business practices and trade, of social rights and ethical politics, in the new age. With the globalization of free trade naturally comes the globalization of free people.

References PBS. (2009). Commanding Heights. The New Rules of the Game. http://www. pbs. org/wgbh/commandingheights/lo/story/index

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