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Economic Missionary

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These unambiguous human resource functions have been premeditated cautiously in order to amplify the probability that disruptive technology will be developed and/or put into operation. Human resource systems also considerably influence disruptive technology. These effects come about through recognizing disruptive technology as an organizational objective, encouraging the growth and operation of disruptive technology, gratifying employees for performance associated to disruptive technology, and endowing with an organizational atmosphere that makes possible progress of disruptive technology.

Both the anticipated and unplanned effects of unambiguous human resource policies must be taken into consideration. Also, organizations must be ready to recognize the development of unproductive new technologies if they desire to encourage the invention of new technologies, some of which may result in disruptive technologies. (Goddard, 433-5) Changes in the social structure environment of the organizations influence Management trends.

Industrial relations and human resource management techniques in countries, sub-regions and regions, have been influenced by a range of circumstances and actors such as political philosophies, economic urgencies, the role of the State in determining the direction of economic and social development, the influence of unions and the business community, as well as the legacies of colonial governments.

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The resent changes in economic and social circumstances have brought about certain changes in Management and have resulted in alteration of certain provisions in the structure, such as, Staffing policies should be formulated by organizations to unify the efforts of the employees, as well as to inspire and motivate them in their jobs. All the objectives and decisions of the organization should be properly discussed and communicated with the staff. To promote and secure loyalty and commitment from the stuff, well designed reward systems should be implemented in organizations.

Line managers should be appointed to take possession of their teams and staffing responsibilities and not forward the related problems to the personnel department, which do not interact with the workers and remain unaware of their problems. Technical and legal advice and administrative support regarding stuffing policies should be provided to the line managers by forming special personnel support service comities in the organization. (Dollard, 116-7) It should be mentioned in this context that there are several challenges aligned with the concept of a modern and global manager.

Neo-liberalism is a tag for economic laissez faire that explains government policies intended to endorse liberated competition between trade firms inside market, particularly liberalization and monetarism, which is distinct from Globalization, which generally refers to greater international cultural exchange, dissemination of multiculturalism, and enhanced individual access to cultural diversity. In broad spectrum, neo-liberalism corresponds to a back off from the Keynesian economics that were prevailing without more ado after World War II. The idea endorses a liberalization of capital markets therefore termed as "neo-liberal reform".

More particularly, neo-liberalism encourages a stable currency, a free market capitalism, unbiased budget, and free trade. Distinguishing characteristics take account of spreading out of the market to a round the clock global trading cycle, pact animalization, and augmentation in the rate of recurrence of contracts, incessant evaluations, and imitative markets. Antagonists argue that neo-liberalism is the functioning of comprehensive capitalism through military or government interference to guard the interests of multinational conglomerates, over and above this free trade also casts influences on wages and social structures.

Distinguished challengers to neo-liberalism in hypothesis or in exercise comprise eminent economists Joseph Stiglitz and Amartya Sen, Noam Chomsky, and the anti-globalization movement. Neo-liberalism look upon market mechanism as superior to states are distinct from globalization, which refers to the growing incorporation of economies and societies around the globe. (Prawer, 221-5) Conclusion However, it can be concluded with that healthy relations between the management and the employees along every aspect of the organisation only can bring prosperity to the company.

Thus Management system is not simply about trade unions and industrial relations between managements, suppliers, market and employees. In fact it is a definition which portrays the projection and maintenance of understanding, togetherness, and essential values and ethics as accepted by both the management and the different aspects of the companies under globalisation. Thus it is basically a managerial frame of reference which does not easily bring itself together with companies or social positions which are distinctively more politically influenced.

Instead of all drawbacks in Management ideologies of management, it has numerous facilities. Thus this approach could always be followed by the companies for finding solutions of their management globalisation problems. (Powell, 49-53)


Korten, David C. ; Global Economics, Environmental Integrity, and Justice Reflections of an “Economic Missionary”; NATIONAL COUNCIL OF CHURCHES Enough for All: Sustainable Living in a Global World; Seattle University, June 20 -23, 2003; http://www. pcdf. org/2003/NCC. htm

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