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Dystopian Short Story- Year 11

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He stood looking down, staring. Like every other morning there was a paper crane lying on the ground. He picked it up and looked around hoping to catch the person who put it there, but there was no one else on the street. The paper crane was on his mind all day. The next morning he left early. He planned on waiting for the person who leaves the paper cranes. He hid at the corner of the street, three houses down from where the paper cranes always were.

He had been standing then for twenty minutes and so far nothing had happened, so he stood to leave, but he stopped when he saw a girl emerge from the house that the paper cranes were always in front of. The girl looked around, then she lifted her hand and in her hand she held a paper crane. She lightly threw the paper crane and it landed in the exact same spot I find the cranes everyday. She smiled and retreated back into the house. He watched the girl retreat back inside the house, then he walked over and picked up the paper crane.

Girl The next morning she got out of bed and got dressed. She went over to her desk and selected a piece of paper with hearts all over it. She was halfway through making a paper crane when she heard music outside. She stood and walked out onto her balcony and looked down over the edge. The boy who took her paper cranes everyday stood on the sidewalk surrounded by all the paper cranes she had made. He was playing a soft melodic song on a guitar. He looked up and smiled. He handed the girl a rose. “How was it did you like it? ” He asked.

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She smiled at him and replied “Yes”. The girl started coughing, he frowned “Are you sick? ” She looked down “Yes just a little.. ” she said quietly. She said later that she was so sick she couldn’t go to school for six months. “I was wondering, why did you leave a paper crane out there every morning? ” He asked. “Because I saw you walking by every morning…” The smiled “You did that because you missed me, didn’t you? ” . He smiled. “This popularity of mine” he laughed. “By the way, I’m Max. What’s your name? ” . “Summer” she replied. Summer? That’s so pretty” He grinned “Hmm…Then you sibling’s names would be Spring, Autumn and Winter? ” She smiled “No I’m an only child” He looked thoughtful “How old are you? ” “Seventeen” she replied. “What month birthday? ” He asked “June”. “Since I am an April birthday, I guess that makes you the oldest” He smiled. Sunny began to cough badly. “Sunny” she continued to cough “Sunny? ” he said again “Sunny! ” Max was worried now “ What’s wrong sunny? ” he put his arms on her shoulders. “Are you okay Sunny? Sunny?! ”

The doctor walked out into the waiting room, and Max rushed to him. “What happened? ” He asked. ”Her condition has gotten worse…there’s no more hope” . Summer’s parent, who were seated in the waiting room, got up from their seats. “What? ” Summer’s mother said. The doctor turned to the parents, “Didn’t I say she should have gotten hospital treatment earlier? ” Summer’s father looked sad, “Our daughter, she wanted to stay home so badly. ” Summers mother was crying, “What are we going to do? What are we going to do about our Summer? The doctor looked at them, “I think it’s time for you to prepare yourselves…” Max grabbed the doctor, “What does that mean?! ” “There’s no month” He said. Tears rolled down Max’s cheeks, “Excuse me? Doctor. Save her, pease? Doctor, Doctor! ” He fell to the floor and cried. “Please save her he cried, please”. Max walked into the room where sunny lay in a bed within an enclosed glass area, he put his hand against the glass and looked down. Summer opens her eyes, and looks at him, “I didn’t want to show myself like this…” Max smiled kindly at her, “There’s nothing wrong with it.

You’ll get better soon anyway. They said in about two weeks you’ll be fine. ” Max pulled out his ipod, “ I brought this so that you wouldn’t be bored. ” He went to enter into the little room, “You can’t, You can’t come in” Summer said. Max pulled back “ Then…what should I do? I really wanted you to hear this song, it’s my favourite lately. “ He looked at Summer’s sad face and thought for a moment, then he put his ipod down, “Listen carefully it’s called I just want you” Max began to sing … “There's something I gotta say to you, but I'm so afraid of what you'll do.

Ooh ooh ooh ooh. I'll just admit this to you now, that I'm stuck on you like glue somehow. Ooh ooh ooh ooh…” As he sang tears rolled down Summer’s cheeks. And that’s how Max’s love hurt as soon as it started… Max pushed Summer around the hospital garden in a wheelchair, “Man, it’s already spring. Summer, is there anywhere you want to go visit? ” Summer looked sad “There is, but remember, I can’t go” Max looks down, “Hey, what do you mean you can’t go? Where is it? Tell me. I’ll bring a private jet and take you wherever you want to go” Summer smiles “Really? “Yes, really. So where is it? ” “In my hometown there’s a hill with a tree. It’s the tree my dad planted the day I was born” Max looked down in surprise, “A tree? ” “Yeah. I want to see how big it’s gotten…before I die” Max stopped pushing “Hey, why would you die?! If you say that one more time, I’m just going to kiss you. ” Summer smiles. “In any case, don’t worry. I promise to take you there” That night, Max wraps a blanket around Summer and they sneak out of the hospital. They get on a bus, and Summer sits with her head against Max and rests.

After a while Sunny opens her eyes and without looking up she says “I want to hear that song…” Max looks down at her “ I just want you” she whispers. “Really? Hold on. “ Max grabs his ipod and places the headphones in her ears, and presses play. He smiles and slides his hand through her hair… lock of hair comes away with his hand, and he looks at. Max leans his head against the window of the bus…and silently cries. Max is carrying Summer on his back as they walk down a tree lined road. “Aren’t I heavy? ” She asks. “No” he smiles, “Wow, my Summer is so light.

You need to gain some weight. I’m going to feed you chicken, hamburgers, and lots of vegetables” Summer hates vegetables “I can’t eat vegetables” she says. “Fine, Then I’ll eat them and get strong, so I can piggy back you every day. ” “What if I get so fat you can’t carry me? ” she asks. Max stops “Hmm…then I can get just as fat, and we can roll around together” Summer laughs “You’re crazy” she stops laughing and begins to cough. She puts a handkerchief against her mouth so she doesn’t cough on Max and when she pulls it away its covered in blood. Max sees it and his eyes widen in shock.

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