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Double-crest Cormorant

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The Double-crest Cormorant is more or less uniformly distributed throughout the country. It is seen in temperate climates with most concentrated in the upper half of the United States. Judging from the map, they seem to be attracted to heavily wooded areas such as northern California and Oregon, the Dakota’s in the Midwest and northern New England. The exception to this is the relatively concentrated population in south east Florida. Because of their seeming desire for temperate wooded areas, I would say that this bird is a specialist. Great Blue Heron The Great Blue Heron is definitely a generalist.

It is spread all throughout the country with heavy concentrations mostly in the southern part of the United States. It seems as though it does best in the Midwestern and southern parts of the country but also has significant populations in the desert areas of Arizona and New Mexico and the harsh winter climates of the most northern parts of the country. Wood Stork The Wood Stork is definitely a specialist. Its populations are seen exclusively in the South and the Southeastern parts of the country with its heaviest populations in Florida and more so in south Florida.

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It seems to do best in hot climates with high humidity and is never seen any further North than Tennessee. American Robin The American Robin is by far the most populous bird in this group. It is seen in nearly ever state in the country, with the exceptions being Florida and much of Texas, making it a generalist. Its most significant populations are in the Northeast, Southeast and Midwest but it is generally well distributed throughout the whole country. Work Citied "Breeding Bird Survey Summary and Analysis. " USGS Bird Population. USGS. 28 Mar. 2006 <http://www. mbr-pwrc. usgs. gov/bbs/bbs. html>.

Double-crest Cormorant essay

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