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Don Giovanni

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Mr. Warren Don Giovanni After watching the Don Giovanni play ill conclude that Don Giovanni is not guilty in the rape of Donna Anna. She accused him of the rape, but there is no full evidence that she got raped. She apparently said that she got raped after the fact her dad was killed. Just because he killed The Commendatore doesn’t mean that he is guilty of the rape. The first piece of evidence disputing the rape claim is that Donna Anna simply needs an alibi because she is scared she will lose her husband because she was seduced by another man.

Don Giovanni has a long history of getting with a ton of different women with relative ease. Donna Anna has some sketchy stories in her initial story about the assault. The initial incident that took place was not seen by anybody at all. Donna Anna also has a fiance, and had she been caught up in a cheating scandal her lift might be ruined. The evidence supports a reasonable doubt that could be determined by the story and ways of Don Giovanni. The second piece of evidence disproving Donna Anna’s claim of the rape by Don Giovanna is the town’s bias towards Don Giovanni.

He has a personality that people are not very fond of. For example, hooking up with a lot of girls and treating him the way he does. People will assume that Don Giovanni is really guilty before looking at the facts. Knowing this, Don Giovanni is not guilty just because of what people think of him. Don Giovanni is not guilty of rape just because of the person he carries himself with. More evidence that supports Don Giovanni being innocent is the fact that the servants weren’t around when the assault happened but all the sudden appeared after the murder of Donna Anna’s father.

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If Donna Anna was being raped, why wasn’t she screaming and fighting during the assault by Don Giovanni. If she was screaming during the rape, the servants would have come and helped her. The servants are a key piece of evidence in proving the innocence of Don Giovanni. The fourth piece of evidence that supports Don Giovanni being innocent is his black book filled with women he has gotten with. Don Giovanni is a ladies man who has an extensive history if seducing women with ease. He has a whole book of women whom he has had sexual relations with.

It’s not a bad thing that he is able to seduce women with relative ease because that makes his case for himself. Getting with a lot of women isn’t a crime, and shouldn’t be something that can be used as credible evidence in order to bring a rape conviction down on Don Giovanni. The next piece of evidence supporting Don Giovanni’s innocence from the rape claim is the fact that Donna Anna wanted Don to be dead and wanted to wait an entire year before moving into marriage. Had she really been raped, why would she need a full year to get over his death? With Don Giovanni dead, she had time to get over him before committing to the marriage.

The final piece of evidence that supports Don Giovanni being innocent of the sexual assault accusation is the fact that there were no witnesses. A woman of that degree would have people around who could help her if she was really being raped. But, there were no witnesses or servants around during her time of need. In order for Don Giovanni to be charged and convicted, there has to be witnesses who are able to give supporting details on Donna Anna being raped. With there no being any witnesses who saw the sexual assault, there cannot be a prosecution to convict Don Giovanni. Now people are going to talk about Don Giovanni going to hell.

This argument is not valid because Dog Giovanni did kill The Commendatore and that could be a reason for going to hell. Claiming the Don Giovanni went to hell for the sexual assault is a shocking thing to say, considering the other evil deeds he participated. Using this counterargument, he is not responsible because one cannot simply say this or that directly sent Don Giovanni to hell. The next counterargument is that people might say Donna Anna did get raped. But, why was she screaming coming out from the opening scene? If she actually was raped by Don Giovanni, she should have been screaming during the assault.

If she was getting raped, why wasn’t she screaming, fighting, or trying to get away? You can’t conclude from the scene from the beginning of the show that she was raped. There is no possible way a counter argument of Donna Anna reacting to the rape would hold up in a court. In the end, Don Giovanna is innocent of the sexual accusation by Donna Anna. He may be a bad person, but he has a history of being able to get with women without really putting fourth effort. Just because he likes his women doesn’t mean he rapes them. Don Giovanna did not commit the sexual assault that he was accused of.

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