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Does Technology Corrupt Society

Does technology corrupt society? (By: Gordon Turtle) Does technology corrupt society? That’s a commonly asked question.If you think about it, technology helps society more then it harms it.A lot of schools disallow the use of cell phones or laptops unless they are used for school it-self.

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How would students communicate without them? Through the one hour to an hour and forty five minutes of lunch? What about technology used for medical purposes. Also, technology used for electronics such as computers, lights, etc… Lastly, technology used for communication, like cell phones, radios, etc…

We use technology almost everywhere; we use it for medical to help people get rid of diseases and injuries. It also helps doctors train better, easier, and more efficiently. If we didn’t have technology then we would still be cavemen living in caves with no light, no way of surviving injuries or illnesses. If we didn’t have any medical abilities the human race would have went extinct a long time ago. Technology gave us electricity and electronics. Without technology we wouldn’t have t. v. ’s, toy’s, game systems, etc… If man evolved without technology then we wouldn’t have come this far, we wouldn’t be as smart as we are now.

We also wouldn’t have any way of teaching our children or other kids about how to live life or how to be good responsible adults. Technology also gave us communication devices such as the cellphone, house phone, computers, laptops, etc… If we didn’t have technology the military would have fast ways of communicating with its soldiers. Without communication we could think we are the only country on earth for all we knew. Communication devices gave us the power to talk to one another from one side of the earth to the other in seconds.

Imagine a world without communication. Imagine you had to write a letter and have it read days or even months later, and then having to wait days or months for a response. Communication devices are one of the most important pieces of technology ever made. Without them we might as well go live in a cave with the few people we know, thinking that you were the only ones that are on the earth. That’s why technology doesn’t corrupt society, and that technology is what brought us to where we are today. If you think about it, technology helps society more then it harms it.

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