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Do You Like the Ending of the A Question of Dowry or Cat in the Rain

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Do you like the ending of the “a question of dowry” or “cat in the rain”. Give reasons to support your answer. What do you think will happen to Sivasothie or the American girl. I like the ending of the “a question of dowry” because Sivasothie shouldn’t marry to such a materialistic man like Thirulchelvam even though she liked him so much. Thirulchelvam only wanted the dowry that had promised by Mr and Mrs Ramachandran which were a piece of land and gold necklace. If Sivasothie married with such man, she was definitely couldn’t own a blissful marriage.

Sivasothie might be very sad when she knew that Thirulchelvam don’t want to marry with her. But, she should feel lucky that she could know the true face of Thirulchelvam before they get marry because he would not be the guy who can give a blissful marriage to her. Besides that, Sivasothie should strengthen her self-esteem and not be a subservient woman anymore. She should have the power to choose the guy that she really feels that are suitable for her until the rest of her life and not compliance with her parents’ choice.

This is because her parents are too realistic and just care about the status of their future son-in-law. They had ignored the most important part which is the true heart of the man towards their daughter. Therefore, Sivasothie should broaden her circle of life to get know more of friends and increase her self-esteem as well as her communication skills. Indirectly, these might help her to voice out her opinion and not to be a subservient woman anymore. If she can improve herself, sure she will find a better man to marry to. (251 words)

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Do You Like the Ending of the A Question of Dowry or Cat in the Rain

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