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Devoir sur college education

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It is divided into many levels : elementary school, middle school, high school, college, and University. However, today , education giving in college makes object of query. Why is it important to me? I am going to analyze its foundation, involvement, and its advantages in order to make light upon its importance.

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In fact, the access to a college education takes on a considerable importance. That is why the number of students who frequent college nowadays increases. This situation incites me to take place in view to obtain promotion in the Labor Market.

College is the place by excellence or the obliged passage for the better life preparation. The good functioning of the colleges is considered as an indubitable economic asset. So, the great European countries, to support the international competition, have they been embarked on for about ten years in an immense movement of Universities reflection and reform. Being full of state of fact, I must straggle to complete my college education to ensure a better life. This is utmost dream! College education will contribute to make me proud and more confident as for my future.

Education received in college will permit me not only achieving my goals, but also to ensure to my family a better life. It will help me face up to eventualities. Moreover, the world complexity according to the global village, demands to implement a pile of skills in all what we do. So, college education puts me them up. My future is confident with it, and I will obtain a better employment because the Labor Market imposes a series of criteria. College education is very important to me. There is no more place else that can permit to reach my goals. The education that it provides is very useful.

There is no frontier or border that can resist at College Education’s assault. Many people want to gain success in their lives but don’t have the necessary motivation permitting them to realize their objectives. Myself, when I finished my secondary school, I was 21 years old. I studied Accounting. I have been working since 1 997 in an Institution, but I feel that is not enough. I want to have a great promotion in order to be a role model for my children. That’s why I am enrolled at Seaworthy College for Business Administration to benefit carefully its education.

The willing to become a well prepared person motivates me and learn at Seaworthy College a variety of things such as : writing skills, self motivation , self discipline, and improving my thinking skills. College Education learns me equally to rely on myself and develop those skills y implementing (Kinesthesia approach ) in view to prepare me to become a great professional. College Education imposes me challenges that I impose to myself by ” expanding my thinking and learning to think outside the box. “College Education furnishes me which I will need to develop my mind and reach success. Thanks to College Education !

I have access to methodic Research. By now, get a universal vision. It learns me to carry out the comparative study ( contrast ) and to look at all the pros and the cons. College Education recommends me to see the problem from different angles, to not edge the outcomes in the taken decisions. It’s been instilled in me the discernment concept. College Education is truly necessary and it is the preparatory step to the great eventualities in the life. It awakens in me the sense of logic ( critical thinking ),reason. Education acquired in College is so much important to me that the words are lacking to me to express my adoration to it.

Does College Education bring change to my life? In fact, begin to think another manner. I give the priority to critical thinking. College Education has developed in me the research sense and shown me to discern the good from bad. College Education is become a weapon between my hands permitting me to confront the challenges that represent the Labor Market, better life, human progress, and the community development entirely. College Education has given me the opportunity to learn to organize and structure my thoughts, write clearly and pay attention to the grammar rules.

It permits me to make the difference between General writing and Academic writing. It attracts my attention on the ” writing process helps me communicate in the online learning environment, which include writing for exams, papers, and discussions board. If I follow meticulously the communication rules in online course or Education environment, according to Bright Hub, will ensure my success. One of rules which retains the most my attention is the Golden Rule : ” Do unto others what you want others do unto you College Education reminds me this rules which is so important in my life.

It learns me to be careful in what I write and aim for the positive. It encourages me to be proactive in the communication, and to not run-on sentence and fragments. College Education is very important to me. It shows me how taking a test and improving my grades. At the start, I was very dressed when I took a test. Now, the stress is broken up because College Education has awoken in me the notion of internal and external motivation, and the difference which exists between them. College Education helps me choose and determine my learning style and my test-taking strategies.

Will a quick look on the universities in U. S. A permit us to surround the College Education ‘importance? Indeed, in U. S. A, at the moment where universities began their rise which had to conduct them at level that they have actually, Price, an American Philosopher, has defined on 1 891 University as an “Association of men well quipped with and privileged by the state, so that the people might receive and intellectual formation or education and that the theoretical problems which come up during the civilization development might be resolved. So, even the State has comprehended the necessity to put on College Education a considerable support. So to speak, College Education is very necessary because it will help me face to multiple challenges waiting for me. I can’t under-estimate the Education furnished by Colleges since they put down the real specialization basis. College Education is very important to me because it allows me to furnish my knowledge in the pathway toward university. Let me give an anecdote: “l know a person who wanted to frequent University.

He has a passion for medicine, but he couldn’t cross the College step. He obliged to give up. “So many reasons explain the importance of College Education and the necessity to maintain this opportunity in order to achieve its goals. College Education shows me how to manage my time by according priority to my goals. It gives me tools that are extremely valuable in my life and changes my behavior. It learns me to not procrastinate, to create a daily to-do list, to schedule, to strategies and how to spend my time. College Education allows me to set meaningful and valuable goals.

It has learnt me to be smart about my goals, to write them down, to create an action plan and commit to it. On the culture and social level, the importance of Colleges and Universities is evident today. It is the reflect of recent studies. The survey that have just come to make on the different aspects of College Education permits us to well figure out, and relate its importance. College Education allows me to strengthen the basis for a real orienteering. The tuned’ future depends for a great part on Education received at College. The period passed in it marks him deeply and guides inevitably his future.

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