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Development Matrix Childhood And Adolescence

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Development Matrix - Childhood and Adolescence Part I - Developmental Stages For each developmental domain, physical, cognitive, and social, identify two major changes or challenges associated with the following stages: childhood, adolescence, and adulthood. Stage of Development Physical Development Cognitive Development Social Development Childhood Steady growth at least three to four Inches per year. Uses physical activities to evelop gross and fine motor skills.

Uses language as a communication tool. They can understand how their behavior affects others, and more effective coping skills. Having their own opinions, and is taking on more responsibilities at home. Less fantasy play, more team sports, board game, and avoids punishment. Adolescence At this stage It Is normally when a person hit puberty. Another thing that Is happening is the body has a growth sprit, and the feet and hands tend to grow before the torso. The brain is still developing during this stage of life.

Also a person at this time tends to have immature and more impulsive behaviors. Children tend to look at their parents for influence, but their peer influence plays a higher factor. Another Important thing at this stage is romantic and sexual relationships. Part II ” Nature versus Nurture using your own words, write at least 100 words describing the concept of "nature versus nurture": From what I found out nature versus nurture is one of the oldest debates in psychology and a really Good one in my opinion.

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Nature Is the reference to all the ereditary and genes that play a factor or also Influences who we are now, going to be. The genes that influence our personality, the characteristics, and physical appearances. Now as for nurture, this is all the environmental surroundings that lead us to who we become, childhood experiences included. That means all the social relationships romantic and none, how we were brought up, and the culture that surrounds us. In all we are Influenced by either or, making us who we are when we get older, by the environment that surrounds us when we were younger.

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