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Debilating Effect of Tv on Children

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Title of Article: Debilitating Effects of TV on Children

The main purpose of this article is to convince the reader of the negative consequences of television being watched by our younger generation. Not just the quantity but the quality as well. It is too also show how parents fail to monitor what they allow their children to watch on television. It also shows how their developing minds are absorbing what they see and hear and television and the negative consequences to it.

The main arguments that the author is making is that the research studies from the past, present and future, showing how our younger generation are suffering in a multitude of different ways, such socially and academically. The evidence or facts the author uses in this article to support the arguments are as follows:

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A 2005 study that was published in the American achieves of pediatrician[->0] and adolescent medicine. It found that the increase of television being watched ultimately led to teen pregnancies, a decline in health, as well as our youth no longer seeking to further their education[->1].

They were no longer interested in college[->2]. (Grohol, 2009).

A 2007 study that was done at Columbia found similar to the 2005 study. Our younger generation was lacking in academic studies, performance and was lacking in the homework department. (Grohol, 2009). The main conclusion[s]/inference[s] in this article is that just like everything else in life it is good in moderation. Television is not the problem as is the quality and quality that is being consumed that is the problem.

The main assumptions underlying the author’s thinking are that American parent is either one of two things. Either they are aware of the detrimental dangers of television but fail to parent or they are not educated on the subject. If we accept the author’s line of reasoning, the implications are that society is to blame for up keeping and raising of our youth, we now blame society for our children’s flaws and fail to own up to our own responsibility as parents.

It is up to us to not only monitor what our children watch but how much of it as well. We live in an era of technology there are many ways in which we can both monitor how much and what they watch. We can block certain channels or teach the right from wrong, we can buy electronically devices that lock a child out of certain programs and also shut a device down after a certain time limit. It is up to us to raise our children not society. If we reject the author’s line of reasoning, the implications are then we own up to our responsibility.

We are saying that it isn’t the television show "16 and pregnant", fault as top why my child is pregnant but my fault for failing to raise her or him correctly. If your child knows right from wrong what he or she watches should not affect them.


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